Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Another Death in the Family

Another death. Dietles. Was a regular, once. People can vouch. Still stopped by now and then.

Like this past Monday night for a pint with a friend. Bathroom still smelled like 1980's urinal cake. Pool table still sloped towards right pocket top. Otherfuckingmay opay (not Omackray - Omackray retired, I've been told, the fucker) still parked in townhouses next door, followed me onto Strathmore all the way to Parkwood. Umbfuckingday opay - regular drunks park on Effyou, not in the parking lot. At least the Post acknowledged Dietles in Rockville, not Borth Nethesda.

Friend wanted to talk politics, but I'm like Fuck that, it's old. So am I.

UPDATE! Heard already from Dr Z and Beloved Paleo 101. They're old too.

UPDATE! 2nd paragraph edited under advice of two friends. Adding: heh, o so fucking correct.


  1. 1)when i heard about this on the radio an hour ago, i wondered if it was the place you'd mentioned

    1a)i'm sorry for your loss

    2)re borth nethesda -

    North Bethesda Or Rockville?
    From Bethesda Now – By Aaron Kraut Published: 2014.01.21

    County planners used North Bethesda in their 1970 master plan for the area. It's been a census designated place since at least as far back as 1980. But the U.S. Postal Service still labeled most of it as Rockville until recently, even if the actual border of the City of Rockville is north of Montrose Parkway.

    1. Nothing is more not-Borth Nethesda than Dietles.

      There is no Borth Nethesda. It's the White Flint neighborhood of Rockville.

  2. Shocked, shocked, I say, that the dilapidated building on this not-at-all prime piece of Pike property has burned down, and utterly certain that the building Addies is (was?) in and the shitty strip center next door have absolutely nothing to worry about, ever.

    Also, my valentine is the Easter Bunny. That is all.

    1. Helens, formerly Addies, announced its permanent closing a week or so ago, and Tony (owner and, freakily enough, a neighbor) always talked about how developers want that real estate, and I'm sure fire investigators in cooperation with insurance agents will scour for accellerents), but I'm betting it's Rudy coming down off the dust and falling asleep in the front porch with a cigarette burning.

      It's not Dietles or the Addie's property, the land belongs to one of the families who live in houses behind Dietles. They are wildly rich and eccentric and have refused to sell. Dietles owners always knew the ground could be sold from beneath their feet.

    2. Of course, it would be irresponsible of me not to speculate. But mark my words, artisanal rickshaw lanes are coming to the Pike.

    3. Tony being the owner of Dietles, not Addies, er, Helen's.

      Rudy setting the place on fire by passed-out-with-lit-cigarette entirely possible.

  3. Sorry, man. Losing landmarks (especially when connected to memories built with multiple sensory inputs) is hard.

    And re: 'artisanal rickshaws', any truth to the rumor that debtor's prisons are making a comeback?

  4. Rudy is still alive? That in itself is an accomplishment.

    1. I don't know he's alive - I evoked his name for us. I haven't seen him begging on Rockville Pike in a couple of years and hadn't seen him in Dietles the half dozen times in was in Dietles past couple of years.

      Supposedly the cigarette was Fat Joe's. I don't know him, but I've seen a fat guy - as in the internet meme What a Unit - folk called Joe in Dietles.

      Yes, it is beyond comprehension that Rudy would still walk the earth.