Thursday, February 1, 2018

There Are Days I Can't Remember Even the Bomb

  • Is Blogroll Amnesty Day
  • Jon Swift did me Kind multiple times - some of you still here found me via Jon.
  • BAD reminds me annually of blogs whose club I joined, all of us competing to be noticed by Liberal Blegsylvania's overlords and invited to that far more prestigious club.
  • Then my obamapostasies, my democratectomies. I let my membership lapse.
  • I hope it is still Blogroll Amnesty Day on some of those blogs still alive.
  • Thank you those still here who found me back then via Jon, Kind, as are you.
  • It's BAD - if there's someone / someplace you think I might / oughta please let me know.
  • Bleggalgazing Anthems One and Two (Anthem One the most-posted video here - longtimers can vouch).

Howard Nemerov