Thursday, February 8, 2018

Words Lolling Like Jetsam on the Lightless Bottom

  • Past fortnight announcements of Farewell Tours for Elton John, Paul Simon, and Ozzy Osbourne.
  • Excellent days for Farewell Tours, my generation's touchstones dying not in threes but sixes.
  • I've one Paul Simon story involving the Graceland tour, but telling you would be cruft.
  • Hamster can vouch, I think, both story and cruft; if he can't Earthgirl can, at least the story.
  • Fuck me and my nostalgia.
  • Posting less frequently both by and not by design, all's fine.
  • On Cruft. There has always been cruft.
  • Cruft is a deckhand's page-after-page zoological classification of all whales, cruft fuck it.
  • I hereby declare ban on my rereading any book, short stories, novellas, novels, chapbook or book of poetry, until I read five somethings front-to-end I've never read before.
  • Tom Sleigh's poem Day Room from where I stole this post's title.
  • I never saw Elton John live by design and never will. 
  • I saw Sabbath a couple of times both by and not by design at big stadium Summer festivals.
  • I saw The Fall once, at the original 930 on F St in 1986.  
  • Three hours of live The Fall recordings from Brian's show Tuesday.
  • Fuck me and my nostalgia.


  1. i read the poem from which today's post's title was taken i.e. day room by tom sleigh

    1)it refers to the murder of bob crane, who portrayed 'hogan' in the tv comedy about a wwii pow camp - to refresh my memory about this event in pop culture history, i went on to read the wikipedia article about bob crane and discovered the competing theories of his half-brother sons about who did it, and why

    2)in the poem i noticed the misspelling in the line

    Before a secret camera ending in his Glogotha,

    3)this reminded me of the accidentally omitted word "your" in goldbarth's 'laws of the universe'

    If you aren’t given a burden, you must carve own.

    4)StAug, when he accidentally misquoted richard brautigan in a personal anecdote about a meaning synchronicity, went back to the original and posted a correction -

    1. I am thankful in Sleigh's case the misspelling is Poetry Foundation's not mine, though I dearly want to believe it's not a misspelling.

      I think you'd like Sleigh. I'll send you some.

  2. There's video somewhere of Tom Sutpen in a band playing "Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding". I'd only have wanted to see Sir Reg if he'd've played the concert I'd've wanted to see. I think that sentence testifies to whether I thought/think that would've been the case.

  3. The Cruft of the Biscuit is the Apostrophe.

    Cruft is a 17 minute Ginger Baker drum solo that sounds like he's banging on dented galvanized garbage can lids.

  4. ..Every once in a while (okay; all the time), I revisit something I was aware of in the past but never paid attention to -- then, discover it's not only brilliant but has serious depth, resulting in Fuck Me; How Did I Miss This When It Was Happening?. So, The Fall -- until your recent posts 'n links. Just wanted to say thanks.

    1. We've only two ears and so much time.... too much to read, to hear.... a good thing.

  5. You never saw Sir Elton live, but you damn sure played him live.

    1. Us white balding guys with glasses all look alike.

      It was Prebilic who wanted to be Elton, and who kept putting on motherfucking Yellow Brick Road when we were tripping.

  6. I remember JT making us do a Sir Elton medley and march in eyeglasses formation. I remember Preb marching with a broken arm and no clarinet to No More Rice Krispies at a Diplomats game.

  7. Cruft!! Cheers for that. Very rare I get new vocabulary.
    Same—Dave & Mongo (not The Fall tho. I'm thinking Cocteau Twins, e.g.).
    Elton pinnacle was Yellow Brick Road, tho' it carried within it the seeds of its own demise. Nothing after first two Sabbaths. Simon & G were great, GREAT, folk act. Meh the rest.