Friday, May 4, 2018

No One Knew Why He Had So Many Books About Blindness

  • Above (bigger), two of two (one of two (or one of three) here) or two of three, I haven't decided whether wisest to abandon now or wait to ruin later.
  • Odds favor ruin, but...
  • ... I've abandoned rage at motherfucking billionaires successfully renaming the White Flint, Luxmanor, and Randolph Hills neighborhoods of south of Rockville motherfucking North Bethesda.
  • Randolph Hills is on the wrong side of the B&O, er, CSX tracks, I can't imagine billionaires North Bethesda-ing Randolph Hills until and unless Amazon headquarters goes in old White Flint Mall spot. 
  • (Amazon is not building a second headquarters in the White Flint neighborhood south of Rockville.)
  • Which doesn't prevent motherfucking billionaires from spending $1.99 a year with godaddy to re-brand Randolph Hills North Bethesda.
  • Neighbors, on walks, in yards, in Parkwood, which google calls South Kensington, discuss with glee home values if Amazon builds a second headquarter in the White Flint neighborhood of south of Rockville.
  • My neighbors call the White Flint neighborhood of south of Rockville North Bethesda.
  •                                                                                                    , I say.
  • There is no North Bethesda, it's motherfucking Rockville, and motherfucking Amazon isn't moving to Maryland, I don't say, and don't add, you're house isn't stupidly overvalued enough like mine already, privileged motherfucker?
  • So if I've abandoned rage Korvettes is now called Pike and Rose, I can abandon two of two and not let three of three ruin two of two. Or not. 
  • It needs red.

  • New Colin Moulding song!
  • Confessions on a windy day.
  • A friend suggested I read Gray's Straw Dogs again (it's been a decade), was important I read it the first time I read it, it's duh now. 
  • A Small Window into the Soul's Corruption.
  • We'll kill enough of us first or Gaia will do it for us.
  • Gaia, Gomtuu.
  • I've quit the Church of Progress, miss the stained glass.
  • Technology = panopticon.
  • Also, blindness.
  • I know what I do with the poetry and music, rite-wise.
  • Reviewing a former Confessionalist.
  • I thought the Nobel for Lit was stupid long before effing Dob Bylan.
  • Circle Time had part one of a recent Moulding interview last early Monday morning, part two next early Monday morning, bless WFMU's compulsive archiving.
  • As always, the posts I like best are the posts read least, and it isn't even the weekend.
  • Old Colin Moulding songs


Daniel Borzutzky

They dropped the charges of homicide, filed new charges of
terrorism, dropped the charges of terrorism, filed
new charges of public nudity, dropped the charges of
public nudity, filed new charges of lewd and
lascivious behavior. A spokesman for the FBI
said they found him on the hood of an SUV in a part
of town known as the “Fruit Loop”. His penis was in another
man’s mouth and in the front seat were vials containing a rare
strand of bacteria known to cause blindness in rats. They
dropped the charges of public nudity and filed new
charged of sodomy. A spokesman for the police department
said they found him with his pants down and it appeared
that his penis was in another man’s anus. But since they
could not prove to what degree his penis had penetrated
the other man’s anus they dropped the charges of sodomy
and filed new charges of assault and battery. A
spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security said
that he assaulted a worker from the Department of
Public Health who used a Q-tip to extract from inside of
his urethra a rare strand of bacteria capable
of causing pneumonia in chickens. He was placed in
solitary confinement and a spokesman for the
Department of Corrections suggested that he was a
serious threat to the community. They examined the
strand of bacteria found in his urethra but since they
did not properly store the bacteria in the
appropriate container with the appropriate seals and
signatures they could not charge him with intent to commit crimes
against humanity. They dropped the charges of intent to
commit crimes against humanity and filed new charges
of larceny. They said he had stolen the rare strand of
bacteria from his employer and that he had done so
with the deliberate and malicious intent to harm as
many civilians as possible. They tried to verify
for whom he had worked during the given time period but since
they could not verify the name or location of his
employer they dropped the charges of larceny and filed new
charges of tax fraud. When they discovered he was privately
employed, they dropped the charges of tax fraud and filed new
charges of theft with an unregistered weapon. A
grocery store in his neighborhood had recently been robbed
and the cashier said that the thief had carried the same model
of weapon that the man in question kept beneath his bed in
case of emergencies. They dropped the charges of theft with an
unregistered weapon when they discovered the cashier was
partially blind and that the weapon the man in question kept
beneath his bed in case of emergencies had been
properly purchased and registered. When they found on his
bookshelves several works of fiction with blind characters,
including King Lear, Oedipus Rex, Endgame, and Blindness by
José Saramago, they accused him of conspiring
to use the rare strand of bacteria to blind not only
the grocer but the seven other blind residents of his
neighborhood, each of whom had had perfectly good eyesight
until he came to town. They asked him why he had so many
books about blindness, but he refused to answer the question.
They asked him why he had so many books about blindness and
when his attorney arrived the man in question said that he
did not know why he had so many books about blindness. They
asked his friends and family why he had so many books
about blindness. No one knew why he had so many books
about blindness and they accused him in the press of
anti-social behavior. When his neighbors testified that
the man in question enjoyed society as much as he
enjoyed a quiet night at home, they dropped the charges of
anti-social behavior. They dropped the charges of
anti-social behavior and filed new charges of
jaywalking. An undercover police officer filmed him
with a video camera as he illegally crossed
the street. At the advice of his attorney, he pleaded
guilty to the charges of jaywalking. He agreed to pay
the fine.


  1. White Flint isn't the MoCo site. That land is way too valuable to pimp it to Amazon, and the beloved hippievision for White Flint is miles and miles of fucking Pike and Rose, sans the jarring and decidedly not pikerose Old Georgetown Road. I heard east of the FDA compound, off of Cherry Hill (east of Georgia!), but that could be bullshit too--that plot, taken as a whole, doesn't seem big enough to me (and is a very long hike from the subway). Not MoCo isn't a bad bet, but one of the three DC area sites is almost a mortal lock, depending of course on who bribed whom and how. I would bet on something nearish Dulles.

    Heh. Korvettes. Fuck, we're old. You know the post office uses two names for my zip code now, right? I actually had some fuckface customer service rep tell me I didn't live in Gaithersburg, and she couldn't confirm my identity unless I said the other name. That was pretty much the last straw for me on that issue. I think I'll move to Boyds.

    1. I dearly hope you're right about Amazon and the neighborhood south of Rockville, but people around here are convinced it's in play.

      This is true: my next door neighbor is hosting a meet and greet the Sunday afternoon with Marc Elrich, one of the stooges up to replace Ike the Leg. One of the topics he's been asked to speak on, says neighbor, IS the Amazon to the neighborhood south of Rockville.

      Earthgirl wants to go. I plan on driving us to beloved Sugarloaf for morning hike then stabbing a car tire with a sharpened flathead screwdriver then "discovering" I don't have a spare so, darn, can't get back in time to meet the fuck.

      Boyds will be South Clarksburg in ten years.

  2. Your plan is sound.

    Well, there's a point where Boyds can't become South Clarksburg, because the Ag Reserve starts out there somewhere Bucklodge way. And Beallsville/Barnesville should be reasonably safe. I will probably end up somewhere in the Reserve, for safety, though. I'd hate to end up seeing Clarksburg grow up around me. On the other hand, the Ag Reserve is a long way from the Starbucks, so who the fuck knows?

    I was at a thing last night where there were a lot of people interested, and heard, sort of reliably, that Elrich is the frontrunner--him versus everyone else sort of thing. He's certainly politically distinguishable from most of the stooges, and he used to be a thug in the same union in which our wives thug. I'm sort of troubled about that race, because I don't really like any of the candidates, and I massively dislike a lot of them. I may end up voting for him out of thug sympathy. Or not.

  3. When you said White Flint, I thought you were being curmudgeonly and comparing NoMoCo to Michigan. Color me ignorant.
    Just finished re-reading Foucault's chapter "Panopticism" in his Discipline and Punish, a foundational text of my philosophical and legal training. Starting to think it's dated and the better model is D & G's 'rhizomic' model. In fact, last finished chapter of novel 3 is precisely to this point.

  4. 1)once every couple of years i drive back from frederick along md 355 instead of us 270 - things change - who knows if it's good or bad?

    2)candidates for county executive have something in common - who knows if it's good or bad?

  5. drip, this you? Let's beer.