Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Lamp Had a Green Bias

  • UPDATE! Second draft.
  • A screed over an encounter with a Hillaryite Colleague and an unrelated but serendipitous incident involving an octopus, I'm sorry, I, half-assedly, banished it to comments.
  • Because the world is full of evil motherfuckers, take the rage out on yourself not people you should be kind to even if you can't be Kind too, I don't tell myself enough.
  • Call swing coach Jesus!
  • The simulation of democracy
  • The gaming industry and the military industry - it's duh, but I am telling you three times we are being reprogrammed.
  • I am telling you three times we are being reprogrammed.
  • It's fine to be mean to racists and ghouls.
  • Middling.
  • The Curious Case of William T. Vollmann.
  • Interview with Linh Dinh.
  • Once upon a time there was a period in my life when I read every new Philip Roth novel as soon as it was published, I don't remember much of anything about any of them.
  • UPDATE! Someone commented - I meant to publish, hit delete by mistake, Charlie can vouch I do this sometimes - calling me an asshole for ragging on Roth on his Death Day, so while I do not deny the charge - it's one of the points of this post, I need stop being an asshole in response to the Assholocene - the point of my Roth comment was to slam me for my forgetfulness more than Roth for being forgettable. Was also an obscure Murnane allusion meant for me: his novels are full of him forgetting novels he's read (including one by Roth).
  • UPDATE! Dan on Roth's Nemesis: Late Novels.
  • Reminder: I do not play enough Stereolab here.

Linh Dinh

 via  Borderless Bodies  (2005)


  1. BANISHED! to comments, I bay at my Anger Gods!

    On the same day the Supreme Court legalized wage theft Hillary Clinton endorsed Andrew Cuomo of governor of New York, I did not say to a Hillaryite Colleague when she asked me today if I'd have enough of Trump's kleptocratic Crackerstan.

    Remember, I did not ask, when Madeleine Albright said there is a special place in hell for women who support a man over a woman in an election.

    There is not a senior Democrat, I did not say, who does not say, I only thought I was grifting, sweet jesus beating Bernie with a baseball bat, just get me to that spigot.

    I did not point out that Democrats in general and Hillary Clinton in particular purposely refused to make SCOTUS (and DOJ) THE MOTHERFUCKING FOCUS OF THE 2016 ELECTION! nor did I ask her to ask herself the fuck why.

    I did not suggest she not get me started on the Senate Minority Leader, who congratulated the leader of kleptocratic Crackerstan for moving the American embassy to Jerusalem, and who blames unarmed Palestinian protesters for their own murder.

    Elsewhere, this past Sunday morning I posted a link to one of many articles lately on how incredibly mysterious and wondrous octopuses are. We then had a big family lunch at a local restaurant. One person ordered octopus, and when it arrived everyone noted the spate of recent articles on octopuses, how mysteriously wondrous and incredible they are, the person who ordered octopus enthusing with the rest at the table between bites of the slaughtered wondrous, incredible, and mysterious being.

    Cause why? is why I said nothing.

    Serendipity Be Blessed.

    1. 0)on monday i was unreasonably angry over a small matter - it took me a while to calm down - fortunately the people i was angry at were not nearby - now i am thankful i didn't spew forth my bile - sometimes just not saying anything can help make the world a better place than it would have been otherwise

      1)octopi are remarkable - but so are many other animals, to greater or lesser degree - the intelligence and amiability of pigs, for example, are reported by those who have gotten to know them well

      1a)see also the joke about the very special pig with the wooden leg

      2)re 'we are being programmed' - you could look at this about 'how to train your brain' from the august 2014 issue of mindful magazine

      something more recent from richie davidson, featured in the magazine article

      3)re UPDATE! yes, it's true you've told me more than once that sometimes you by mistake delete a comment you intended to publish - earlier this week i concluded this was what happened to a quote i took from the linh dinh interview you have now pointed to in the main post - i didn't take it personally [unlike the matter that so disturbed me earlier this week, mentioned in my point 0, above] and didn't write to you about it - it was not necessary, it turned out, as those who follow your link will see that passage

  2. speaking of the curious case of william t. vollmann - well, yes, rather - but who knows if it's good or bad?