Thursday, June 21, 2018

Radio Defiance Flares Up in the Presence of the Holy Vagabonds

  • Bernie Kopell ▲ , creator of Siegfried, my digital avatar forever and from Day One, born 86 years ago today, born within a month of my dad.
  • Standard disclaimer: 1965, I'm six, TV toggled from B/W to color: the good created, the damage done.
  • I changed the avatar on my email two or so weeks ago to satisfy an itch (it wasn't Siegfried, I try to keep kaos out of my email) then while hikingthinking last weekend wondered if I'd ever change Siegfried anywhere, and no, but not the once No.
  • 86, get it? 
  • Bless Serendipity for tempting me, fishing me, rewarding my faith by 86, and the warning.
  • Olive dreaming, yesterday, photo by Planet, Olive's human.


Joseph Ceravolo

This morning I know there's a dawn
out there somewhere.
               Crazy death drives all the motors
          of the world. Radio defiance
flares up in the presence of
the holy vagabonds, and the essence
is erased from my spit.
    What number, what song
is lodged like a tic in my ear?
What fever of the unrecorded mist
has turned up inside?

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  1. speaking of fur persons, like olive, i see that koko the gorilla has passed away