Saturday, June 23, 2018

No Layoff from This Condensery

  • By mid-June in past years Boogle/Glogger would have sent me daily screaming emails Hey, renew your domain name, YOU ARE DEAD JULY 25 IF YOU DON'T! Entering early-late-June not one.
  • I logged into my Glogger admin dashboard yesterday - I had to change my debit card number when the old card expired and a new card was issued, and yup, this blog dies last week of July unless I renew the domain name and the dashboard nowhere allowed me to renew the domain name.
  • Last night I thought about what I'd do if the domain name doesn't renew and this shitty blog goes dark.
  • I have Adobe's Muse through their Creative Cloud, and I could build a website there (though it's more for business applications than daily farting like here), and beg you to follow me there.
  • I went to wordpress last night, I could wordpress again and beg you to follow there.
  • I could set up an alternative here with Glogger with the vanity-free (compared to the current domain name) blogspot in address and beg you to follow me there.
  • I could do nothing, and if this place dies this place dies...
  • Life in the Fuck We're So Fucked So Fuck It-ocene, fine metaphors abound.


Lorine Niedecker

   advised me:
         Learn a trade

I learned
   to sit at desk
         and condense

No layoff
   from this


  1. I'm pretty sure dark is not what it will go. Currently Glogger forwards the standard platform address to your domain, should one choose to type that instead of your domain. So if you let it runout as well as the same variation with either www or https:// with or without the www following it will all go to this homepage. If anything, you would just need to go to your settings and change it not to forward it to anymore.

  2. my hope is that you will continue with this blog or something rather like it

    may the creative forces of the universe smile in your general direction -

    and also in mine, and in the direction of all your readers

  3. Sorry, friends, these didn't appear until sometime today while Earthgirl and I were hiking (and not only did they not show up in mediation, they didn't show up in my email). Goddamn my free blogging platform. (I think there's a disease in the great link of algorithms, the circle is dying.)

    Thanks for good and Kind words.

    I hope all stays same too, was more contemplation on one thing whose fate is beyond my control but I still have control over starting over, which makes the score:

    Everything I can't control and can't start over 999,999
    Everything I can control but could start over 1

    I'll see when I have to.