Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Inner Arsonist Held a Match to My Brain


Jane Kenyon

Rebuked, she turned and ran
uphill to the barn. Anger, the inner   
arsonist, held a match to her brain.   
She observed her life: against her will   
it survived the unwavering flame.
The barn was empty of animals.   
Only a swallow tilted
near the beams, and bats
hung from the rafters
the roof sagged between.
Her breath became steady
where, years past, the farmer cooled   
the big tin amphoræ of milk.
The stone trough was still
filled with water: she watched it   
and received its calm.
So it is when we retreat in anger:   
we think we burn alone
and there is no balm.
Then water enters, though it makes   
no sound.

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  1. 1)the discussion of fred rogers' care with language, linked to at Freddish, keeping in mind how quite young children will understand it, reminds me of a biographical essay about him, which i read twenty years ago, which convinced me he was a wise and good person

    2)in the bhagavad gita it is stated people have both divine and demonic tendencies - mr rogers is an example of the former - this morning i have encountered other examples on youtube, as i prepared to install new venetian blinds by watching instructional videos posted by other people as they did the same, and explained why they did what they did - kindness and generosity abound in this world, just as greed, hate, and cruelty do

    3)therefore choose life

    3a)smerconish, on his saturday morning cnn show, quoted his family's housekeeper, who was from tobago - 'you don't know how much somebody's roof leaks unless you live in their house'