Friday, July 6, 2018

from my bed I can see the odor of her pillow

  • New Jim O'Rourke.
  • Waterline.
  • It astonishes me that people think Democracy ever existed, much less hasn't died.
  • Thread
  • Fine metaphor abounding: I know shit about MOCO politics, but for MOCO County Poobah the people chose either the Lefty Democrat (the candidate who came to my next door neighbor's house a month ago, remember? no?) or a motherfucking Carpetbagger Billionaire.
  • Only a couple hundred votes separate the two, and Maryland fucked up the voting, 80K hand-written provisional ballots yet to be counted, and if this is within 300 at the end of their count this could go on until fuck me.
  • If Lefty wins, a major MOCO motherfucking developer-humping Democrat will declare independent status and run against, get this, the Democratic nominee by voter's choice.
  • I am telling me three times, Jeff, fuck it. 
  • MOCO motherfucking developer-humping Democrat will NOT run against motherfucking Carpetbagger Billionaire.
  • The Alt-Right, Ctrl-Left, and Esc-Center.
  • and another thing... 
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  • Vollmann's climate letter to the future.
  • Stanley in a box.
  • Old Jim O'Rourke, the song that hooked me.

Frank Stanford

1 comment:

  1. i listened to 'memory lame' and liked it

    i voted for the lefty county executive in moco

    while reading about vollmann's 'letter to the future' i came across a mention of and thought i might want to read roy scranton's 'learning to die in the anthropocene' - but neither of the local library systems i have access to owns a copy

    i was intrigued by linh dinh's photo of the rabbit hat

    i am trying to follow neal barnard's veganistic advice but we still have cheese on hand - i can't bring myself to throw it away

    at the daily mail i enjoyed seeing pictures of the trump baby blimp