Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Things Are Larger Than the Personal Way of Telling

  • The slowest day of slowest week of slowest month of Blog Days of Summer.
  • Syzmborska's 96th birthday day before yesterday, here is last year's card.
  • I've been skipping some birthdays.
  • I've not re-ranked the honored dead and living and relegated some to 2nd division as a result of desultory moods I dispel by blegging about deserted islands and five.
  • That is my move, I'm as surprised as you.
  • I'm not blog-bored or clusterfuck despondent, still no domain renewal notice.
  • Casaubon died for the dozenth time in my life, so I'm in a good mood.
  • I'll not lie, it is Fuck It, but a better Fuck It than last best Fuck It.
  • Last night I twaated out the Galaxie 500 4th song, twaater stats say nobody listened.
  • If you read this within four hours of its timestamp I am hiking with Earthgirl, it's all I want to do.

[Two sonnets]

Juliana Spahr


  1. To me, 'desultory' is the most difficult work in the English language. I can never remember what it means nor how to properly pronounce. Some weird form of mental block. No other word plagues me like this one. I despair. I refuse to use it. So fuck you very much for using it. And happy Fourth! Hiking the woods is regenerative! Going hiking in B.C. in August! Also, why listen to G500 when I have it on my regular iTunes rotation. Also X—the LA Band—has a great Fourth of July song. If you're interested, I've been posting a Desert Island 15 album list on FB. It's a good one.

  2. P.S. Also, is it 'fire Dave Martinez' time yet?

    1. I guarantee I'll never see your Desert Island 15 album list on Facebook. It's facebook, not you.

      TBH, the Nationals have done enough as a business to diminish my interest, and I've been listening to music instead of ballgames. In what diminished attention I have spend I have not seen complaints about DM's in-game strategy - it's not *his* fault Strasburg breaks every year and that Roark and Gonzalez have toggled to suck and that Harper is shitting himself in his walk year (I wouldn't give him $400 million even if he won the Triple Crown by miles.)