Thursday, July 26, 2018

I Do Not Labor Except to Season My Domain


Calvin Bedient


Who does me this I whistle off
brazen as the green of the Palestinian flag
Strange wishful little books clot my fur
I do not labor except to season my domain
Through seven holes all things twitter
I reject the disjecta of allegory
A sluttery roller skate grips my shoe
Is there enough chaos in you to make a world?
The feather on the egg is the horse under the bed
The New England winter is still raw and long
The summer is intense and abandoned


  1. There's a smidge too much glee in every Counterpunch proclamation about the death of democracy and the concomitant rise of fascism, if you ask me. Notwithstanding, Arctic methane is a massive catastrophe waiting to happen.

    1. Yes, the disingenuous assertion there ever *was* democracy gives it away.

  2. in the article about the washington post's praise of inequality, which you link to, dean baker mentions his book Rigged - which can be downloaded without additional payment from

  3. I'm glad you don't need surgery! I've been thinking of changing veterinarians for Teddy the Tiger. She's been puzzling me and the dope that I am I finally figured out what her motivations have been regarding Teddy's eyes. Teddy has feline dry eye, it's not curable. This is a fact. I have to put artificial tears in his eyes four or five times a day and it works, it keeps his eyes moist and comfortable. I also have these eye drops in case any mucous shows up in his eyes. She had me give him this stuff called cyclosporine mixed with corn oil to put in his eyes. This seemed to make his eyes worse as every day I had to clean mucous from his eyes caused by the cyclosporine. Cyclosporine is supposed to get his tear producing ducts working again though I read an article that said there was no empirical evidence that it did anything. Then this weird crust started to form around his nose below his eyes then around his eyes. I stopped the cyclosporine and this cleared up in three days and his eyes looked much better. Despite this she wanted me to continue to use it and I told her no, I would not use it as all it was doing was making Teddy's eyes worse. Then she had me try this other stuff that cost fifty bucks for a small bottle. I tried it once and the next morning his eyes were covered in mucous. I stopped using it right away after cleaning the mucous from Teddy's eyes with cotton swabs. I asked her what the hell she thought she was doing. I said if it isn't curable wouldn't it be best to just use the artificial tears which was working really well and got a garbled answer. I wanted to strangle her. Finally she comes up with this new stuff made for humans. It is to be applied to the eyes twice a day, can't recall the name of it but it was just approved by the FDA and is supposed to be the cutting edge of eye medicine for dry eye in humans. First of all it would cost 530 bucks a month to use it which is just insane. On top of that in my research I found it had not even been tested on children much less cats. I also found out it had horrific side affects like difficulty in breathing and several other unpleasant things. I considered how Teddy had bad reactions to all the other nasty "miracle" medicines and how he was already comfortable and told her no, I would not test it on Teddy. Well it turns out her motives have been to use Teddy as a test rat for all this crap and I just about went through the roof. I told her Teddy wasn't a test rat in a laboratory and that Teddy had been through enough already. Teddy is a very loving cat, he needs a lot of love and returns it. His previous owners deserted him which must have been very traumatic thing for him. He also has severe arthritis, not unusual for senior cats. He also had suffered from rotten teeth and had been in great pain from that. After his teeth were pulled he was much more comfortable and pain free. So I told her if she wanted to test her poison pills out that she should look elsewhere as my concern was not finding a cure for something that wasn't curable but to keep Teddy as comfortable as possible. She admitted that she was trying all this stuff because then she could discover what she could use on other cats which was noble I suppose, but she wasn't going to use Teddy as a testing ground. What an asshole. I've just about had it with this particular vet service.

    I read about the methane threat the other day, and thought how odd, we'll all be killed by giant farts. Perhaps it's appropriate for humans to exit the space-time continuum in such a manner. It's just too bad we have to take the rest of life on the planet with us.

    1. yes you need to get a new vet

      recently i went through a very roughly parallel situation on my car - the check engine light kept coming on and my usual place tried several things without success - i went someplace else and the guy there fixed it first time -

      about the methane threat - i still suppose that whatever happens the earth will remain habitable for beings like us, if maybe within a somewhat more restricted geographical range - but whether or not technological civilization continues is a more iffy proposition - unless remarkable adaptability and innovation is shown it seems highly likely that the human population of the planet will shrink quite a bit - as yogi berra said it's hard to make predictions, especially about the future - as he might have said you never know when something surprising might happen

      may the creative forces of the universe smile in our general direction, and may we do our best to live with awareness and with love during whatever time remains to us

      and also - i too am glad our host's new eye medication is working

    2. You're probably right regarding the methane threat. It's a fundamental aspect of nature to seek an equilibrium but it's not going to be pretty that's for sure. And there's this catch 22 aspect of our technological civilization. Everybody wants to have a decent job with decent pay and I can't blame them living in our capitalist society as we do. However decent jobs were created in the past because of manufacturing which is probably a simplistic explanation but generally true. Yet the problem with manufacturing is that it's responsible for much of the global warming thing. So it doesn't seem like a great idea to return to manufacturing because Planet Earth can't take much more of that evidently. The only answer seems to be that we cannot continue with that type of lifestyle. It looks to me that if we cannot adjust to a new reality nature will do it for us. I think all of this is going to lead to more wars as humanity fights for dwindling resources. It's already begun if you think about it. Right now Northern California is burning up as wild fires rage north and south of me. The skies are full of smoke and there's that ugly orange tint in the air. Tonight the moon looked like a ball of cheddar cheese. We certainly good use a little help from the creative forces.

      Yeah, I've already started to look for a new vet, I'm really disappointed with my present vet. Her behavior really had me puzzled until I figured out where she was coming from. I'm glad you've found a good mechanic, sometimes a difficult endeavor.