Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Kind of Sadness That Is a Black Suction Pipe Extracting You From Your Own Navel and Which the Buddhists Call "No Mindcover" Is a Sign of God

  • I bought a new suit, fitted, navy blue, light blue oxford shirt, yellow tie with navy blue stripes.
  • It cost $455 more than the last suit I bought four decades ago at Goodwill for ten bucks.
  • I'm told I look good in the new suit, as in, who knew?
  • Beloveds know because they will be there: my daughter's wedding is this Saturday, and while I may post a photo of me neck down in my new suit on Sunday, that's all the reporting you'll get.
  • I mention the wedding this once because posting may slow for a few days, though there are four High Egoslavian Holy Days end of July, including one on Saturday.
  • I bought the suit at Goodwill four decades ago to attend a Beloved's first wedding and used it again at his second, I was stuck at National Airport waiting for my daughter's school's Peruvian exchange students' plane to land seven hours late or I would have worn it to his third.
  • I am of the age when unhappy suit-wearing occasions outnumber happy ones 5 to 1, and I'll take care of the suit, take care I can fit into it thirty years from now, never buy another, wear it to my funeral.

  • Life in the Clusterfuckocene: the preparation for my daughter's wedding this Saturday is the least weird thing going on in my world.
  • What is Santa doing in a black box in Denmark in July?
  • Oligarchy and the Death of Worlds.
  • What one person in America do American oligarchs want silenced most right this minute?
  • Sebadoh played in my head last night out of nowhere, do you know when you read this I assume you know and love Sebadoh too, and yet when I tweet out songs (of anyone's, any band's) I know no one listens, and I know most of you don't click the youtubes here, even the bands you do know.
  • UPDATE: July 25th Thurston Moore's 60th birthday, I tweet two of his Sonic Youth songs, zero.
  • Thanks to symptomatic for the Anne Carson.
  • This, Summer of Clusterfuck, blog days of summeriest in deader Blegsylvania daily, it's not I'm not looking for links, they're scarcer too.
  • More hummina for me.
  • There are High Holy Days coming, four of them, end of the month.
  • Do you know, digitalbuds, I felt obligated after all the I can't talk about it at you to mention the wedding, fuck me.
  • Domain name will either renew tomorrow or it won't.
  • UPDATE! Shazam? 
  • Bleggalgaze wasn't over after all.


Anne Carson


  1. 0)congratulations on your daughter's wedding - DO post a picture of your suit as worn by yourself

    1)i last bought a suit a mere two decades ago - for my own wedding [i found happiness late in life] - admittedly i've bought sport coats and a blazer since then - one still fits me

    2)with regard to god and anne carson

    a)i was thinking about god on sunday evening - i go to a centering prayer group [in the tradition of thomas keating] held in a rockville parish each week - the photo of cardinal theodore mccarrick which is on the wall of the meeting room drew my attention this week, after reading about the accusations against him of sexual abuse of a minor recently published in the ny times [the matter was in the washington post last month, but i didn't see it] - i saw 'uncle ted', as some call him, live and in person at my own parish this past fall, when he came to the celebration of our pastor's 30th anniversary as a priest - our parish now has a newly ordained assistant pastor, and in the bulletin this week the pastor explained the powers and privileges of bishops, priests, and deacons - i thought to myself 'this is all kayfabe' - i used a less polite and less specific term, actually - when at church i go through the motions, and regard the religion preached by the church of rome, when understood correctly, as one of the true religions, in the erich frommian sense of the term - but sadly, it is often misunderstood, and more so at the top than at street level - as jesus reportedly said, 'corruption must come, but woe to them through which it comes'

    in the interests of clearer understanding, this morning while webbrowsing i came across a free copy of john morgan's book "psychology of religion: a commentary on the classic texts" - classic texts means, in this context, 10 books from the twentieth century - william james (1902) to abraham maslow (1964)

    b)carson refers to "no mindcover" as a buddhist term, but in my time associating and reading buddhists i have not encountered it, nor do i find it easily in a web search

    c)and speaking about buddhism, zat rana at designluck.com recommends the book the mind illuminated - but a couple of days ago, when i first went to the page, there was a typo - "mediation" instead of "meditation" - i wrote, and received a thank you, and the error was corrected

    d)in may of last year i quoted in the comments here some remarks of the author of tmi about reincarnation


    e)at thanksgiving of last year i quoted some text from tmi at mock, paper, scissors - i have never heard why my comments are banned there but perhaps this was an important part of the reason


    f)on that same day i posted in the comments there "the loon" by james tate - maybe that's the kind of behavior that got me banned

    g)in any case, i would like to express my appreciation for the forbearance and kindness shown to me by our host here

  2. Wow! Congratulations to you and yours! Wisdaughter just got engaged last week. Wedding next Oct. Hope you like the partner.

  3. Thank you for answering my unasked question. I was gonna feel like a complete jackass if I wore a suit and you wore your usual March-November uniform. Absent clues, I would've asked.

    Fear not, reader persons. *I* will fucking A be shooting pics, and one or two of them will most assuredly see the light of day.

    Jim: The boy is okay. I had my doubts when the thing started, quite some years ago by now, but he seems to have put in some considerable effort. I feel sufficiently relieved of the rocking-on-the-porch-with-a-shotgun pledge I made long ago.

    I have had a pretty remarkable variety of weddings, yes. There were no suits at the wedding you missed.

    Love. See you Saturday.

  4. C, I welcome your comments here, thank you.

    J, he's a good guy. I don't think either of us want to be buds, but he's a good guy.

    L, the uniform *will* be worn to rehearsal dinner Friday night.

    1. Air really impressed me at that last gallery thing. And we had a really good time at that other ceremonial thing. He okay.

    2. All very important. Good to hear. Blessings! Plus, you gotta' dance. LOL!!

  5. Staid for the comments. Knowing your posting habits this may be premature but my well-wishes abound round your circle with the sincerity I momentarily muster for such as worthy. As my own could never rise to the majestic (as is evidence by that clause), I nick the following and dedicate it to the near Planetary confluence:

    We're gonna be laughing about this
    We're gonna be dancing around
    It's gonna be so good now
    It's gonna be so good

    Oh so exciting, mmh go on and on
    Every time you leave us
    So Summer will be gone
    So you'll never grow old to us

    It's gonna be so good now
    It's gonna be so good
    Can you see the lark ascending?

    Oh so romantic, swept me off my feet
    Like some kind of magic
    Like the light in Italy
    Lost its way across the sea...

    Roma Roma mia
    Tesoro mio, bella
    Pieno di sole luce
    Bali cozi bene, bene

    What a lovely afternoon
    What a lovely afternoon
    Oh will you come with us
    To find the song of the oil and brush

    1. Something from *Aerial* - perhaps "Prologue" from Sky of Honey - will appear here Saturday for Kate's 60th.

    2. My apologies - Ashbery's birthday is Saturday, Kate's Monday.

      Ashbery's post will be Sunday or Tuesday, maybe.

    3. I figured that's what you meant. May the wedding be being well, or so once well on the way.


  6. A German research team discovered that, as foretold by Paul McCartney, urban blackbirds are singing in the dead of night