Saturday, August 11, 2018

Dead Birds in the Turbines

Buck Cove Mt Trail, Schoodic Penisula, Acadia National Park, yesterday, last hike of vacation.



We'll see tonight if first luck.

UPDATE, 2:30 PM EDT same day:
  • Sitting in the Portland Maine airport two hours ahead of flight home.
  • I am telling you three times for the zillionth time, there is no better metaphor for motherfucking America than motherfucking helmetball. 
  • UPDATE! With five minutes of tweeting out version of above, six unfollowed. Fine metaphors abound.
  • The ghost pilot's last instructions.
  • Twitter/blogger overlord Jon Schwartz - who I like! - tweeted 1. The most interesting thing about Ben Shapiro (the only interesting thing about him) is his deep commitment to being ignorant. Some people don't have access to knowledge. But he went to UCLA & Harvard Law School. They have libraries. His ignorance is an (unconscious) choice.
  • I replied (forgive me, I'm foolish, small): Counterpoint: his ignorance is his JOB, one he chose and chooses to excel at. Stop thinking those preaching to the pig-ignorant are pig-ignorant. They are turds of a different smell.
  • I do not understand granting cracker-whisperers the out of ignorance.
  • I do not understand granting Liberal-whisperers the out of ignorance.
  • Ben Shapiro (cashes check) doesn't know how the world works?
  • NPR says car, not white racist asshole, killed anti-fascist protester.
  • White supremacy has always been mainstream.
  • Rachel Maddow (cashes check) doesn't know how the world works? 
  • Waist deep in the Big Muddy.
  • The Southwest flight to Chicago, docked at the gate our plane will dock, has dead birds in the turbines. 
  • What another man spills
  • Crash - me, not plane - not quite but almost imminent.
Last morning view from porch until next year.



    Proud to be an Marrkun

  2. Ben Shapiro is a snot nosed punk and of course he lies about statistics, that's why statistics were invented, to mislead everyone. I like Jonathan Schwartz, a lot. He's one of the most decent human beings I've ever come across.

    When Cortez said Israel had a right to exist, well, let's just say I don't trust anyone who would say such a thing. Israel has no more right to exist than the USA does. Of course the liberal answer to such statements is - oh, it all happened a long time ago. Apparently time is on the side of might makes right. And NPR has always been full of shit. That's why liberals love NPR. They have so much in common.

  3. Thankee. The Best Friend is missing Grendel, their feral rescue, who slips out at night; gone two days and nights. She's 'chipped', so if appears at a shelter all's well, but it isn't an RFID.