Tuesday, August 7, 2018


On advice of my friend drip aka Rusty aka Peter we hiked Great Wass Island Preserve yesterday. Five mile circuit, three distinct sections. First section through peatland and jack pines (fabulous, absolutely, two miles unlike anything I've hiked, I want to see in peak October), second bushwhacking two miles of cobblestone, sand, seaweed, boulders and cliffs (seashore, snore, Earthgirl's favorite section), third section Maine old forest of moss and ferns (!). Find Earthgirl in this photo from section one.

When we get where we want in Maine Maine is holyfuck, miles of nowhere exist between the holyfucks, miles. (Great Wass is 30 miles from Acadia by crow, 120 by car.)

We own the house we live in, plan to die in that house, though lately the inevitability of that game plan strikes us as not necessarily writ. I mention this solely because miles eat fun.

Also too: wore wrong shoes for rock-scrambling.


  1. For a while, your life on earth went smoothly; you were happy. Then you were affected by a major crisis, a personal upheaval, and life no longer seemed so certain. You began to feel restless and uneasy. The circumstances of your life felt frustrating, and you yearned for freedom. Stirred by nostalgia for something you couldn't even put a name to, you began looking up at the stars. Likewise, you started to feel an affinity with the trees, the butterflies, the sun, the animals, and the birds.* In the vast reaches of the sky and the sweetness of nature, you rediscovered something of yourself that had been forgotten. Swept by feelings of awe and wonder, you began to have a dialogue within yourself about the nature of reality, and to question the source of all the beauty, suffering, and mystery of creation. Something incredible seemed to lie just behind the surface of things--yet the answer eluded you, slipping beyond the grasp of your realization.

    *emphasis added


  2. "Aargh-freeeeeeee
    As free as the bush whacked..."