Monday, August 6, 2018

Already I Have Given Up the Moon and Snow

Yesterday: Acadia National Park: Great Notch Trail to Bernard Mt Trail to Sluiceway to Great Notch Trail to Gilley Trail to Cold Brook Trail to Long Pond Trail to Great Notch Trail to car.

Last time we did this hike a Beloved had just before sent me blog divorce email because my relentless anti-motherfucking Democrats in general and anti-Hillary in particular during run-up to....

If I am not capable to total de-clusterfucking while on vacation I'm better at it this year than then.

Photo below by woman in photo above. All I want to do is hike with her.


  1. Hmm, really like that poem by Linda Pastan. I've mixed feelings about the internet, 99 percent BS yet there's an undeniable usefulness to the remaining one percent that isn't BS. This site is part of that remaining one percent. Regarding the book you mentioned previously about the grass and war I've read quite a few books on Native Americans and that was the beginning of seeing things differently for me. How the federal government treated with Native Americans in the past and present echoes how they treat with everyone. Over 300 treaties and all of them broken, one saying that their land was theirs as long as the grass shall grow. Of course it didn't take long for the grass to stop growing. Our very existence is a type of hypocrisy. It seems inescapable.