Friday, September 28, 2018

a poem that conjugates the verb "argh"

  • I did not watch a minute but I saw photos and read quotes, and no possibility exists that Insider Washington, the one calling him a great carpool dad, doesn't know Kavanaugh's a raging Asshole (he was specifically nominated because he's a raging asshole) (feature not a bug, and ambitious young Assholes look at him as the powerful abusive father they wish they had).
  • Motherfucking white men gonna kill us all. 
  • Lindsay Graham wants to be Trump's next Attorney General, by December.
  • Via SeatSix, why some Moco names.
  • Ask yourself this about your team: this isn't a PR stunt trading off a gone SCOTUS seat for a midterm election, your team couldn't take this petulant fuck down?
  • The fine metaphors abounding, mast year.
  • I. Hate. Motherfucking. Democrats.
  • Hey, if you were on a blogroll but hadn't posted in four months I moved you to the Mor(e)ibund graveyard so if you reanimate, you zombie you, I see you.
  • I saw a youtube of middle-aged Trump-supporting white women telling Toots to shut the fuck up, we all get groped and fingered and worse sometimes (don't fight back, it'll make it worse).
  • I let Greyhoos and Tarzie and Zen Comix know I'd moved their blogs to Mor(e)ibund, Greyhoos and Tarzie confirmed they're still alive, Dave, you OK?
  • Kurt Wagner tweeted out his song below in response to a photo of women scowling at Kavanaugh.

[This poem's about the poems now around]

Clark Coolidge

This poems' about the poems now around
a poem of short streams and long spins
poem that expands like a flower or a dash
a poem that conjugates the verb "argh"
poem that could take anyone's place or time
a poem to make anything rhyme
poem for its own sake
poem drawn from its original lake
poem the subject of a late afternoon
a poem has been known to moo even in Russian
poem of no special function or them all
a poem about the call some receive
poem that says it's proud
                                                        that it's loud
poem of an atmosphere right here and now


  1. 1)i watched the whole judicial committee hearing yesterday - part of life's rich pageant

    2)i think you're right - kavanaugh's been selected because he's an asshole, not in spite of him being an asshole

    3)i was glad that the promised 3rd accuser was brought forward by the gadfly lawyer - whose scurrilous accusations against trump have been confirmed by a guilty plea in federal court by his co-conspirator cohen - the woman in question grew up in a house less than two miles from where i type these lines - the daily mail, quoting the sad interview the washpost did with her father, omitted the fact that he is now 95

    4)one cable tv commentator tried to find a silver lining in the day's events by saying the white male privilege which is being so strongly asserted by the senate majority is nevertheless demographically and socioculturally doomed to decline - the wind of change is blowing against them

    5)i think of the scorpions' song the wind of change - this youtube video of the song and the fall of the berlin wall has 616,049,836 views

    6)no one has ever said they found my suggestion that this scorpions song could be the “little known ballad about the pitiful, raw etiquette of the underworld” in james tate's poem the shroud of the gnome illuminating, or thought-provoking, or amusing, or "interesting" - and yet here i am harping on it again

  2. I don't know why (or do I) I haven't paid that much attention to President Rump's choice of Kavanargh or worked myself up to a lather about the next Supreme Penis. Maybe I've resigned myself to the fact that if the worst can happen it will. This is Marrkuh after all. Could anything be more clear that what we the peephole want doesn't matter and probably never did. But then this being Marrkuh and full of Marrkuhns what difference would it make.

    When Kavanargh wasn't shoving his penis in girl's faces he was drafting legal justifications for torture. No wonder President Pussy Grabber nominated Kavanargh, assholes of a feather fluck together I suppose. Boyz will be boyz, and after all, this excuses everything. And an awful lot of Marrkuhns support torture:

    If you're an normal human bean and live in Marrkuh you're surrounded by groin grabbing torture supporting assholes. Not nice. Put it down to that here in the land of the brave we're a bunch of sniveling cowards.

    But fear not, for I have readith that the FBI will be investigating kavanargh and perhaps they'll find a penis print or two. And now that the FBI is the darling of "liberals" everywhere what could be better? In the end Marrkuhns are, above all else, conformists. They'll conform to anything they're told to conform too. It's the Vulcan mind meld, Marrkuh, the great melding pot.