Thursday, September 27, 2018

a civil war ahead of the traffic

  • Now taking just twenty to thirty seconds of tapping keyboard re: Clusterfuck to what the fuck.
  • I like the new number two, what a canvas.
  • Serendipity roasting my infinite asses, to have discovered typing for a month to talk myself into moving to a different platform and I find a platform I love that's perfect for tablet but horrible for typing delights me.
  • Stopping the fat bleggalgaze there.
  • The Vein.
  • I probably post some old stuff over there as well as tag the place with icons to totally fuck up every PtLaAbTlFeOtRsM.


Tom Raworth

each clearing of the brain
needs nothing to be clear again

i don't want to listen to the same
i don't get it better twice

starve the nation
out of stagnation

wandering the earth
a civil war ahead of the traffic