Friday, September 7, 2018

Holding Your Eyes in Your Hands Like Addresses

  • Work sucks, sorry, I can't blurt about work more than that, I don't want to blurt about work more than that, I want to stop thinking about motherfucking work so I can fan my futile hate of brett MOTHERFUCKING kavanaugh and the fucks on my former team who made him inevitable.
  • Actually, I want to stop thinking about motherfucking work AND not inflame my luxurious futile hate of brett MOTHERFUCKING kavanaugh, I say Fuck the Either/Or all the time but can not live it.
  • Thudner stirs.
  • That's why I keep cemetery blogrolls.
  • Theses on Kaepernick.
  • Minority rule and late-phase culture.
  • Self-reminder: bleggalgazing while flogged with work suck leads to >> deleted bleggalgaze <<
  • UPDATE! Four futures at the end of capitalism.
  • Trust only the children.
  • UPDATE! Prison Strike 2018.
  • Lordy, I mean, dodging bullets and muggers on Bethesda Row IS harrowing.
  • UPDATE! Another lovesong to St Keynes.
  • Cole Swensen interview.
  • I need move lots of moribund to gravesites but McAfee blocks pop-up blogroll maintenance, so apt.
  • Copper Blue mentioned on time line last night so.


Cole Swensen

No, worry about nothing
but the chiseling
of hills into distance
in the slight haze
and sleep lost over color
no two ever the same
the wringing hands
float ashore amazed.
Worry about beauty.
It can sell you anything.
Lakes collect in the
chambers of the heart
where the sailboats are made
of flying fish about
the size of match heads.
Sleep can be lost as
easily as a house key,
the shock can consume
at any moment
if the hills are not rising 
weather is wearing them down
and you are driving
north in the late afternoon
or holding your eyes
in your hands like addresses.

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  1. Here we see the results of Obama's legacy continued by Trump, two sides of the same coin:

    If anyone bothers to read the article note how there's no mention at all of US involvement. It's the Saudi led coalition. They did let drop one hint that seems mysterious and no explanation given in a quote from said article below:

    In Hafidh's home, a modest house of baked mud bricks in the outskirts of Saada city, a portrait of Waleed hung on the wall, his image laid over a green background - the color of the Houthis - and printed with their slogan: "Death to America, Death to Israel".

    Many Americans may not be aware of who's really behind the slaughter but apparently the people of Yemen are all too aware of it. Where I live in the hinterlands of Northern California everybody is a super-duper patriot. Old Glory flies everywhere. If they knew how much I loath this insane country with its overt love of all things military (thank you for your service) I'm quite sure they'd hang me from the nearest tree. Americans really are a bunch of insane assholes for the most part.