Tuesday, October 30, 2018

2018 October 30

  • I am figuring out the new camera (better).
  • I never called the chain hotel to bark.
  • Thucydides says we're fucked, so none of us were first again.
  • In an hour I have my annual EKG with heart doc, that shit, just occurred to me, was twenty years ago past month, the odds are greater today I will not die a natural death than when I was thirty-nine in ICU for a heart attack I thought indigestion.


  1. I had no idea. Wow. Stay healthy, my friend.

    1. I am in better shape at 59 than I was at 39. I take the meds in morning by rote but never think about it until I need make appt for yearly check-up. The icon at the other place was me there last year.

  2. 1)take care of

    2)i got
    a shingles shot
    yesterday - i'm
    really feeling it today - aches, weakness - last night very powerful shivering

    3)i read thucydides in 1965 - first year of college, western civ type of course - my paper on it drew parallel after parallel with the vietnam war - i got a low grade - too much quoting, not enough original analysis, the instructor said

    4)chris hedges essay on the cult of trump might interest some people

  3. I hope you got an A+ on your EKG.