Tuesday, October 9, 2018

as i think about rolling up the dogends

  • In 2040 I would have been 81, Earthgirl too, Planet 47.
  • Imagine the climate science still in peer review.
  • The truest thing Trump admin's said is fuck it, planet is cooked, we need kill planet for all but the fuckiest of us in bunkered Micronesian Islands, to finish bunkers lavishly enough we need poison the planet faster.
  • The people who mocked our Cassandra-ing a decade ago (remember the tag here Canary, Weathervane, Cassandra, Fool?) now fools and Cassandra too, say...
  • Have you tried the Drive the Speed Limit Game, even on your 25 Mile Per Hour narrow windy neighborhood street? You should!
  • We are being reprogrammed, I've told you three times,
  • killing be casual (sic) by 2025. 
  • This guy born 78 years ago today, and if I don't want to hear Beatles songs ever again (except for George's two off *Yellow Submarine*) I still listen to John solo and need note his life.


Tom Raworth

as i think of rolling up the dogends
looking for papers i see this terrible thing
thought of as a better life
sometimes i wonder
what is introspection
red white and blue
or through mud and blood
to the green fields beyond
which were the colors on a tie


  1. 1)raworth's title reminds of a saying of lawrence berra - "in theory, there's no difference between theory and practice - in practice, there is"

    2)i suggest it's too early to make verb phrase choices about 2040 like "would have been" - as yogi could have said, "you never know when something surprising might happen"

    3)this is not to deny that certain eventualities do seem baked in - warmer and stormier weather, e.g., quite possibly food supply disruptions, economic dislocations, political changes, perhaps even armed conflicts on a larger scale than currently extant - stuff will happen, and will be dealt with one way or another

    4)you may say that i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one

  2. Here in Northern California we had wildfires it seemed all summer. The air was continually smoky to various degrees, depending on which way the wind was blowing. And it seems we now have two seasons; smoky, and not smoky. And it sounds like it will worsen according to predictions of more frequent droughts because of global warming.

    PG&E was responsible for several wildfires due to tree branches rubbing against power lines. Then they (PG&E) tell us that they might turn our power off during times of high fire threat, which could mean just about anything. Of course they blew up several blocks of San Carlos, CA if memory serves me correctly when one of their gas lines blew up several years ago. And people say private corporations are more efficient than government agencies. Does any of this sound efficient to you? I'll sell you a house in San Carlos.

    Then those nuclear reactor meltdowns in Japan continue to pour radioactive crap into the Blue Pacific. I remember in the spring following the meltdown I noticed that while hiking that the wildflowers seemed sparser than usual an some looked kind of deformed. Of course they've been lying about how bad the meltdowns are, they always lie about that stuff. My mom used to like fish. After the meltdown, and reading about how plumes of radioactivity were reaching the California coast I told her she probably shouldn't eat any, but she ate fish any way. I was thinking how radioactivity climbs up the food chain and concentrates more in the apex predators. At any rate the health of the oceans are important so it's a good thing we use the oceans like a giant toilet.

  3. Lar' the Bear's deeper than Jesus.

    Private Corps gonna save us like the Wizard did Dorothy, leaving her on the ground as he — whoops! — ascended to his own private Kansas, Micronesia that our host's alluded to. May they drown as we're burning in hell, god love 'em.

  4. you could look at this


    with regard to global warming, the host at naked capitalism, yves smith, is pessimistic - she says "the goose is cooked" - i am not so much optimistic as hopeful - changes will keep occurring and the situation will continue to develop, not necessarily to our advantage - maybe humankind will rise to the challenge

    last night i was listening to something on youtube

    The Path to Awakening in Daily Life, Part 1 - Culadasa

    for the human race in general, in dealing with the world problematique [my wording, not his], he used the metaphor of being in a boat that is approaching a thousand-foot-high waterfall, with a muscular guy at each oar [these two stand for hatred and greed - his wording this time] rowing hard in the direction of the precipice

    can the boat be turned around?

    maybe, maybe not - it depends

    but in any case, your own individual boat - your life - IS going over that waterfall - suffering, illness, aging, death, separation from all you love - ARE gonna get you

    people who spend their time listening to culadasa's advice - and even attempting to implement it - do so because they think it might help - even in the face of reality as it is, rather than what we wish it to be

    may the creative forces of the universe smile in our general direction