Tuesday, October 23, 2018

At Sunrise the Deer Eat Pieces of the Quiet

  • Sunday night's sunset, Chelsea Michigan, substitutes for blark deggalgaze.
  • ˙ɹǝızɐbןɐbbǝp 'ɹǝıʞɹɐןq 'ɐǝsןǝɥɔ ɯoɹɟ ʇsɐǝ buıpɐǝɥ 46-ı 'ǝsıɹuns s,buıuɹoɯ ʎɐpuoM

  • Planet says the Michigan she lives in gets great sunrises, great sunsets all the time, it's the flat earth, she says, so +1 for Michigan.
  • Saturday we drove to Grand Rapids (stopping in East Lansing to drive through Michigan State to kill time before the Indian restaurant buffet much loved by Planet and Air opened) to visit The Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park.
  • I tweeted some photos of some sculptures @blckdgrd, my new camera only arriving yesterday, it's learning curve will be steeper than I thought, a deserved fuck me.
  • Meijer as in the midwest Wal-Marty chain Meijers, we shopped at one in Delaware Ohio often when Planet was in Gambier and we ate dinner once a trip at Buns.
  • Much money also donated by the Amway De Vos, I assume Meijer a Club Oligarch fuck too?
  • The Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park, I want to see it in Spring, see it in Summer, see it again next Autumn but first week of November, see it in snow.
  • Constant REMINDER! Every post but two a year tagged My Complicity.
  • When in the Japanese Garden at The Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture this past Saturday for a briefest moment I again understood the vanity that feeds my Dark, my Dark getting closer to my calling it by its correct name.


Brenda Hillman

At sunrise the deer eat
pieces of the quiet, they eat spaces
between the quiet
    & the sounds—;
         & the numbers on the calendar
lie flat in their boxes,
      they leak through tiny holes
             in the minutes,
            evenly so, so evenly,
 an active sense, before
         the sense was made…
There, now, opposite to set down,
            the agreed-upon, the shape
                 of the obvious
        drawn by an earlier
           enchantment before the new
                        anxiety set in:
         the workers are safe;
 the terror stilled for an hour;
a lover’s outline, dreamed or imagined,
       before you read the one-page book
     again, what was that book,
 it had no copyright—
& what was before?
         a life, the dazzler, the dark,
             the singing dust, it turned
when you turned, it orpheus-knew
what you forgot when you took the bowl
        of burning time across the room—
      & if the previous is closer
   to you now, should you
look, doesn’t matter if you do,
    you carry the some of it
with it, out into it—


  1. The Demo version of Gogurey was free for 7 days -- but once America let it into our homes, it filled our head with light and sound and Things. It purred. Some of us felt strong, sexy, in charge. And they thought hey -- pretty good, hah? Then, they forgot to send the email cancelling the Demo, and now we have the Full Version Goguery, 24 X 7 -- which, after the demo period, must be tended and fed. All the time.

  2. Thanks for the link! BC/Alberta, while not having the mystical/historical aura of Iceland, was beyond glorious. My wandering, bouldering on all fours, and solitary communing took on private spiritual qualities amidst all the natural beauty.

    Thompson's electric combo is coming to town. Considering. Lindsay Buckingham is here tomorrow night, but we're away for the weekend. Would've gone.

    Never been to Michigan, but Wisdoc summer camped on the UP among the cherry trees.

  3. 1)DEER SONG

    Andy Pratt

    Deer run all over the forests of Maine,
    And the snow is all white on the pines;
    and the sad laughing cry of the seagull dies
    just like mine;

    I walked all over these dark windy woods,
    with my hunting spear and disguise;
    But the green trees all groaned
    at the sight of the wound in my eyes;

    Soft is the voice that I hear in my heart,
    And cold as the steel traps outside,
    As I stare in the ember,
    it's you I remember,
    my sweet summer bride;

    1a)for the minor guitar chords, the mandolin, the wind sound effects , listen to


    2)all free-range deer are mortal, whether by illness, starvation, predation by fellow inhabitants of the woods, motor vehicle collision, or cervicide by arrow or gun - who knows if it's good or bad?

    3)michigan woods resemble the forests of maine in some ways -


    4)speaking of the ecosystem in general


  4. 5)earlier this morning i bought a box of jiffy corn muffin mix at a global discount supermarket chain with a four letter name - three of those letters are d, i, and l - most items sold there are their own store brands, but this wasn't

    5a)on one side of the box was a friendly greeting attributed to "Howdy Holmes, President, Chelsea Milling Company" - not having heard of him, with my suspicious mind i thought perhaps this was a fictitious persona, along the lines of "Betty Crocker"

    5b)with my clear cool eyes of a seeker of wisdom and truth, i discovered that mr. howard s. holmes is a real person, a former race car driver, and the grandson of Mabel White Holmes, who invented the Jiffy line of baking mixes in 1930

    5c)still using those cool clear eyes (aided by progressive lens eyeglasses) i read on the back of the box


    5d)who knows if it's good or bad? more specifically, who knows how good or bad it is, and compared to what?

    5e)and would there be fewer microplastic particles in a corn muffin than a fish stick? my guess is yes, but what's the use of worrying?

    1. Someone told me in past week that Aldi is the same company as Trader Joe's, not that I shop at either (not on principle, I just shop at MOMs).

    2. 1)at aldi's i was whistling to myself as i looked into the frozen food display (after picking up the jiffy corn muffin mix) - a fellow shopper, a white woman approximately my age, said "someone's cheerful" - i explained that i was whistling the tune to donovan's song "deep peace" -which spouse and self have a whimsical version of, "green peas" - and seeing the frozen vegetables reminded me of it

      2)i did not read every word of the corn muffin box before buying it, and so brought home something with pig fat in it - however, there is a veggie version, stated to be available at specific local supermarkets