Friday, October 5, 2018

can you assist me to purchase it

  • Meant to mention: driving home on 270 from past Sunday hike I paid attention to the drive no more than five miles an hour above the speed limit if not in a passing lane game I always play, try it, it will astonish you,
  • especially now, I am telling you three times those reeducation programs be getting results
  • everybody angry (peculiarly angry, a friend tells me, at himself, not more than normal but normal is changing color, tenor), daydreaming of paint-balling this fuck who just cut me off...

  • In good news, I'm seeing Sea and Cake with Planet in Ann Arbor in November! 
  • maybe, it seemed logistically less-challenging at first thought and at second thought perhaps financially dumb because of the more-challenging logistics.
  • In bad news, there never was kayfabe to break, Rube, and it still pisses my friend off Ric Flairs' shoes don't cost more than my friend's house.
  • Darkness Visible.
  • Jerome Rothenberg: Talking w David Antin
  • Blog about Volodine, with moving images, Volodine's Post-Exoticism in Ten Lessons on nightstand, I tried to read in Maine past August 
  • (on this particular hike while Earthgirl was painting) 
  • and I should love Volodine but all I can read fiction-wise now is nothing.
  • In good news and bad news kayfabe exists and has never been broken.
  • Joan Armatrading (via Hamster). I was young once.
  • O! not me paintball-gunning, much, I'm the one getting shot, mostly.
  • I want to see Sea and Cake in Ann Arbor with Planet.


Tom Raworth

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can you assist me to purchase it


  1. 1)i don't know what post-exoticism is

    2)from the comments at the washpost: a story they tell in the Southwest.

    Two people in line at the DMV; one finishes a [cell] phone conversation and the other says "In America we speak English, not Spanish. You want to speak Spanish, go back to Mexico."

    Second person says "I was speaking Navajo. You want to speak English, go back to England."

    3)a second commenter says that their first reaction to the anecdote was that it probably didn't happen in real life - their second reaction was that it didn't really matter if it actually happened or not

    4)for this to have happened in real life

    a)someone must be speaking on a cell phone - it could not have been prior to the 1990s

    b)the person complaining about the use of a non-english language must be so monolingual that they cannot tell spanish from navajo - this implies that they have not been residing in the southwest very long

    c)since it is set at the department of motor vehicles, perhaps they have recently moved there from another part of the country - possibly they have retired and are moving to a warmer climate - and they are there to get a new driver's license

    d)in arizona and new mexico, it is called the mvd - utah uses dmv

    5)when jesus was asked by his disciples why he spoke in parables, he allegedly said something like "so that those who get it will get it, and so that those who don't get it won't get it" --- or so i have heard

    Matt. 13:10-17


  2. Flair's shoes probably cost more than your friend's monthly mortgage payment, if that helps.