Friday, November 30, 2018

2018 November 30

  • If you read this today between 10AM and 3PM EST Earthgirl and me on a bus to Manhattan.
  • Thank you to Jim in comments and Bavid by text and M by email for suggestions where to walk this weekend, all suggestions welcome.
  • We're staying in Teekman Bowers @ 1st and 49th, I can go north and south and east on the island, walk across bridges into Queens or Brooklyn.
  • Saturday night after Earthgirl gets out of her workshop we meet her cousin near Washington Square at a restaurant called Quantum Leap Vegetarian, the only confirmed plan of the weekend other than getting on bus in Bethesda this morning, getting off bus in Bethesda Monday night.
  • 40 or so Saturday w light rain Saturday evening ending early Sunday morning temps near 40 dry Sunday, Monday dry and 50, zoom.
  • To have hours to myself and then hours with Earthgirl in NYC with no set plans but one (for me, three for her), zoom.
  • My emails to me reminders list:
  • Sunglasses
  • Hiking boots
  • Meds
  • Power bank
  • Hooded sweatshirt
  • Hiking pants short and long
  • Tooth stuff / deodorant 
  • Razor and cord (or fully charge)
  • (When Bavid and his son visited me at Hilltop a week ago today he'd never seen me without a face mullet, I've been face mulletless for at least fifteen years? more I think...)
  • 2nd pair long pants
  • Hike baseball hat
  • Fannie pack
  • Water bottle
  • Orange north face black if can’t find
  • (I harp on this in my head, a side effect of the eye scare: 
  • I never saw red and orange until the scare
  • (at the cost of green (which makes sense, green/red), dammit.))
  • New hat 
  • Socks
  • Hiking long sleeve blue wick shirt
  • Rain shell
  • Tablet, pens
  • SeatSix says there's disc golf in Central Park, pack Aviar, Roc, Leopard, Sidewinder
  • Chronological order, thought last, what if I want to write something down.
  • I'd bet inchoate travelogue with unfocused photos here, though inchoate be multitudinous if weekend is half as fun as I hope.
  • I need remind myself to bring paper and writing utensil, the fuck me.
  • Fleabus knows when I'm packing:


  1. that's a good looking cat*

    your bus trip hasn't quite started yet as i type this - if you like or don't like their service you could share your observations about it

    among the things not listed for your explorations are trail mix or the equivalent - chances are, however, that there will be opportunities to obtain sustenance along the terrain you will traverse

    i suppose if i went to manhattan i might like to see trump tower live and in person - but that's the way i am - back in the 20th century i had a subscription to the national enquirer for a while [true story]

    *although i do not regard cats as the only estimable animal companions - i have often remarked at the daily mail comments column [under my real name, no less] that you have to be a better-than-average person to be a better friend than the average dog

  2. Shoulda' took the train. Nah. srsly have a great time. The overhead tram to Roosevelt Island is worthwhile, and a cool place to walk.