Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Faith Fool

Yesterday was Peter Hammill's 70th birthday, I forgot, was about to update the annual post monologue with songs and links to lots of songs because I talked with Bavid D by phone this past summer, I typed the gone first version of this sentence, which mentioned Bavid D and the phone call into this blooooooooooooooger post, and (this is true and this post is about faith) three minutes later my phone vibrates and:

I am telling you three times, faith if not fucked wouldn't be faith.


  1. 1)this is another true story - i used to give talks on jung's concept of synchronicity -

    twice i got dates out of it - but neither went anywhere

    1a)instead, i found my heart's desire in my relationship with the future missus charley as a result of playing the piano for a singer at an "end of the academic year" amateur show

    2)on the browser i'm using now "duckduckgo" is my default search engine - when i use the enitre text of point 1 here as my search stem it declines to find any matches

    2a)however, google - besides telling me to go vote - find as its first match the entire text of david wilcock's 2013 book 'the synchronicity key - the hidden intelligence guiding the universe and you'


    3)may the creative forces of the universe smile in the general direction of your friend's college-bound son, and all of his age cohorts

  2. Serendipcity be best. You will know synchrodipity (sorry).

  3. As my Gottdaughter once said walking to a local playground, "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing."