Friday, November 2, 2018

These Residents, They Start Throwing'em Early

  • Ecocide Ahead of Schedule!
  • Human Suicide Itinerary Accelerated!
  • Urban Verbs.
  • Hurry!
  • Seven rules for running a real Left-Wing government.
  • Algorithm KidsThere is an apocalyptic atmosphere cutting across western culture, today. And while a good deal of it is connected to environmental crisis, there is a more ominous fear that is connected to the state... There are two related issues here, for me anyway. Or rather, two that I choose to try to write about. One is the role of art. And the second is the ascension of an extreme class dynamic, one where (according to a recent British study) by the year 2030 a full two thirds of the world’s wealth will be in the hands of 1% of the population. The political is now only spectacle.
  • The concept of empire is based on fake news.
  • I thought Hillary Clinton's announcement she will never draw a single breath not hankered to be POTUS but won't make 2020 declaration until after the midterms would generate more heat than it has but 
  • zero? that's different too.
  • Having it both ways: on both-sider-ism.
  • Title for this post in this poem, forgive me my moo.
  • A not-my bleggalgaze. I have *Moderan,* tried once and failed but that was on the bus to my walk around Manhattan, will try again because nothing the fuck else is working. 
  • It doesn't surprise me every piece in latest BAX I've read so far makes the coming horrors of ecological change and the worse horror of humans in horrific ecological change a primary theme.
  • Latest me.
  • I emailed Landru about the Maryland Helmetball Shitshow two nights ago (he's both an alum and a helmetball fan (though more a fan of the local professional team, The Racist Slurs, I think)), and as I was typing the first sentence a WaPo alert on my phone told me that Maryland's president fired the shitsmear coach, said WaPo alert prompting Landru to require I add the Landru Died Laughing at My Complicity (not for the first time he's laughed at My Complicity) tagged at bottom as promised, delighted to comply.
  • Long set of Residents songs for RIP, Hardy Fox.
  • Rest in peace, Hardy Fox.


John Ashbery

On a set you need bush rebels,
that numbing little chair while passing.
If we knock 'em out
seven precincts are going to show up.
It looks like you don't need oil.
I think it'll be fine.
Did she think that might be good,
or for the man who listens to it,
nothing to be done or thought,
(section pending)?
Or for the man who listens to it,
an abrupt yawn, history or the other.
Home economics.  Dr. Singalong
can't find his way back.
I don't know about that, but
at her lamps do you still see
the awkward ceremony, too serious?
Leave it that way, imperfect start beyond
where I was going.
Prison outside the perpetual sonata,
the only anxiety,
since you wonder what they don't do,
from your red zero heart page
waiting to touch your face.
Although they know about it and
it literally doesn't exist,
no, stay up and go to sleep,
unless it falls on the right side of the brain
positioned for so many forgeries,
moon nugget...
I don't cut 'em any slack.
Assault on a clean front,
that's a lot to be turning into.
These residents, they start throwing 'em early.
Continue to open your door to mud!                                                          
Take the noon balloon to Rangoon,
gutta percha academy,
to the place of ice cream,
because, really, what difference does it make?
When it was time you went home.
Tears and flowers,
see how dirty your hands are.
We had a lovely dime.
Soon it will be seven I ask you.


  1. I am a fan of laughing my ass off at mens' revenue sports programs at Maryland, though I genuinely support the womens' teams. I am a fan of shouting invective at the Slurs and mocking them, but that's also true of every other NFL team, just a matter of degree. But yes, I haven't abandoned tribalism. My greatest sports love right now is trolling.