Tuesday, December 25, 2018

70th, 69th, 78th, 108th, 68th, 96th, 76th, 72nd, 60th

Three days ago was Rick Nielsen's 70th birthday, two days ago was Adrian Belew's 69th and Jorma Kaukonen's 78th, day after tomorrow Charles' Olson's 108th, three days from today Alex Chilton's 68th, four days from today William Gaddis' 96th, five days from today Michael Nesmith's 76th, six days from now Patti Smith's 72nd, six days from today Paul Westerberg's 60th.

Apparently I still do birthdays here, especially the end of the calendar year cascade.

I am old.

Bleggalgaze to follow in upcoming days, or not.