Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The Last Thought That You Think Today Has Already Happened

New Lambchop! holyfuck, with a new album coming in March.

  • New album album cover, who the hell takes selfies and posts them sideways?
  • I'll tell you who, the guy who was going to post one today before discovering there's new Lambchop.
  • 131 miles on foot the two weeks from Sunday November 25 through Sunday December 9 and Monday December 10 my ankle tendons said stop, it's like being thrown down stairs, I have a photo of my mood, I was going to post it sideways but discovered first there's new Lambchop.
  • My ankle tendons say stop today; fuck my ankle tendons, effing fine metaphors abounding.
  • Serendipity Be Blessed, I would have listened to Lambchop anyway, it's this mood's medicine.