Thursday, January 17, 2019

I've Been Trying to Lose the Poem That Asks for a Map

  • Much missed and loved Mr Alarum has a new article in Triquarterly, hurry, please
  • Thanks as always to Corrente for the water cooler bump at naked capitalism
  • I would love to tell you how an always current but now KABOOM! at work (I'm not directly related: it's not my fault) is the second best metaphor for America after professional helmetball but I can't, though think of I-70 in Pennsylvania between New Stanton and West Virginia border, why it's always been that way, why it won't be that way any longer, it'll get worse
  • Once I'd love to tell you how bookkeeper is eggshell and knows it, until KABOOM! in bullet above I'd forgot I once wanted to though bookkeeper still an eggshell
  • At 20:42 EST Wednesday January 16 2019 I typed this bullet, either there are two bullets above about work or there aren't, this sentence remains
  • UPDATE! something sorta related new at the other place
  • Reminder: Triskelions will surrender right, not left, thralls.
  • I saw George, thesis mentor, Wednesday, he doesn't think Murnane the effort
  • recommended Coover's Huck Out West to me, I recommended Coover's Wrath of Brunists to him
  • I think about Coover's Wrath of the Brunists every single day, best prologue ever, George
  • said I don't have to read Twain's Finn the fuck again to Coover
  • Huck, I said you don't have to Origin to Wrath Coover but you do have to wait for the prologue
  • to pay off
  • I can turn you on to Wrath if you ask
  • Richard sent me an excellent playlist, thank you! here's one:

[Think this blooming basin would help the poem?]

Clark Coolidge

Think this blooming basin would help the poem?
marquee above the poem proclaims EXISTENTIALISM
a hot ticket at the time of the fading poem
experiment that stays clear of the poem
still affecting its buttons and bows or else
think the poem? you'll lose the poem that time
the poem following us I've been trying to lose
the poem that asks for a map
of the territory that admits of no poems
will that poem survive its own dangers?
this litigious era has shaken its poems
think the poem is going away?
that poem made a frying pan entry
outcry of the thoughtless poem a rarity?