Friday, January 25, 2019

pox sore eyes corn

  • Capitalists will kill everyone and everything 
  • - they are sociopaths, pride themselves on it, compete to be The Assholiest! -
  • before ever there be Takoma Park socialism-lite much less revolution 
  • but Towards a Socialist Alternative still a good read!
  • Reminder: professional helmetball best metaphor for late-capitalist America
  • no sociopath metaphor these fucksticks more than Racial Slurs owner Dan Snyder 
  • hey look at his new $100M money-laundering yacht!
  • Speaking of money-laundering, $238M for a penthouse condo on Central Park
  • Second released song from Lambchop's upcoming album:

  • Holyfuck I love Lambchop, but that's my second favorite of two new
  • Money-laundering always Job One for these fucks, Fuck You a close Job Two
  • Maryland, DC, and Virginia local governments reportedly working to guarantee none will provide tax money for new stadium for Racists Slurs (until they fall over each other to)
  • Post columnists excoriating Snyder and his merkin Allen for product
  • once rabid fanbase refusing to watch from comfort of home
  • Dan Snyder says, Fuck You! I'll be in my new Imax theater on my new yacht
  • I look at NetFlix' menu four five times a week job related
  • what helmetball has over EVERY FUCKING VIOLENCE FUELED SHOW
  • is real life maiming, joints, brains, random! not scripted!
  • the fucking violence fueled shows, too, just conditioning, remember
  • how the maiming of your Flag's quarterback you got over quick?
  • I *do* love the first release from upcoming new Lambchop album:

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  1. >> Saw Wright speak some years back; impressive. Doctrinaire socialists are better than other doctrinaires -- but, not only will The Revolution not be Tweeted, for some unspecified period it won't be discriminate in who it hurts. Perhaps historians will blame it (deservedly) on the inbred, rapacious, avaricious mofo Owners. Dunno.

    >> Hey; that's a big Yat. Who's David Snyder? Why's his boat so great? There are a lot of Rich Boy ships floating around. I think the Crimson Permanent Assurance should, you know -- get out there. Yo Ho (

    >> Additional HINWI Porn: Ken Griffith's Bought Himself Lots Of Bathrooms; $700M worth in the past year. Gosh. He's like... the Kim Kardashian of, you know -- bathrooms. Bet he's a nice guy, though. We could stop by one of his places and ask, "Hey, Ken; how's it goin'. Mind if I use one of your bathrooms?" and we'll see how long it take the local Polizei to respond. Bet they're really fast.

    >> Johnny Bolton wants a war. Doesn't matter where. But now, Venezuela! Perfect timing! Leader wants a distraction, an excuse to label Brown Peoples as terrorists to get that Border Wall. He wants to prove he can too stand up to ol' Pooty-Poot. American Capital is bored and wants a distraction.

    >> DUH: You betcha. What about "the People", someone asks? So what about "the people"? Feh! They put up with the death and disability of the Forever War, the Patriot Act, the 2008 Crash, a Leader who lies, cheats, and is fat every single day. They're not gonna do anything.

    >> It's easier to write for a Constant Reader, or your long-ago boy-or-girl friend, or Mom, than to No One. Makes one wonder who Knausgaard was writing all that stuff to.