Sunday, January 27, 2019

Boats Stray as Dogs

  • That's Rock Creek Trail along Beach between Connecticut and Dorothy's Temple, yo, do your midnight hiking elsewhere, promise me
  • We've long-hiked pavement around Kensington since the trails we hike mud snow ice
  • infinity's miniaturization trick, making smaller's larger seem larger than larger's larger
  • best rush since last until next
  • Whenever I seen the Dark Underpass sign I think of Barnabus Collins, the fuck I am old
  • Slot machines, fuck that, one hand poker, $5 ante, draw pocket rockets, all in, shazam 


Frank Stanford

This bed I thought was my past
Is really a monk in a garden

He’s dressed in white
Holding a gourd of water
Because I have forgotten Tangle Eye
And Dylan Thomas
The swarthy goose
And the moon in the pennyroyal
With its gut full of shiners
And the skeleton keys to my room
And the snapshots of my land

It seems like dusk
The voice and curls
Left in the strange clothes
Roaming the forty acres of my closet

In the bow wood mountains some boats
Stray as dogs go down in the fields
Shadows yet in the land of the living

When the shade clean leaves you
To your rewards
Bad luck and trouble
Come breaking the laws and trysts
Of love and gravity

So have respect for the dead my dear
And watch your heart like a jukebox

Death coming low with its cold set of tools
But you can’t jimmy love


  1. If any agency ever needed to off me and make it look like a heart attack, all they'd have to do is let me hear the Dark Shadows theme come wafting through my office walls at 3am. What's worthy of study is how not only terrifying, but also deeply melancholy, what should have been a laughable kitsch-fest really was. A daytime soap opera about vampires: that's Coover territory

  2. LOL @ Barnabas Collins. Wife the first gobbled that stuff up.

  3. published in jeff bezos's paper, but not necessarily an expression of his own opinion

    Everything is not going to be okay’: How to live with constant reminders that the Earth is in trouble - by Dan Zak

    If you have an infant daughter, she is expected to live 81.1 years, and so she will be here for 2100, a year that is no longer mythical. She may see the world’s largest naval base, in Norfolk, swamped by rising seas. If she lives in Phoenix, she may feel nearly double the number of 100-degree days. During her lifetime, the oceans will acidify at a rate not seen in 66 million years.

    If it keeps going this way.

    Alice Major has lived in Edmonton, on the edge of Alberta’s boreal forest, for nearly 40 years. She remembers six weeks of minus-20-degree weather; now the mercury sinks that low only occasionally, she says. In 1949, the year she was born, the planet had around 2.5 billion people on it, and it had taken all of human history to get to that point. In her lifetime alone, the population has grown by about 5 billion.

    As Edmonton’s first poet laureate, Major has written a book of verse titled “Welcome to the Anthropocene,” which is the name given to this moment, this epoch, when humans have become a planetary force. The anthropocene — whether it began with agriculture, the colonization of the West, the Industrial Revolution or the atomic bomb — was born of human ingenuity. That’s what empowered us to create this mess, and what empowers us now to see it.

    So, how clever are we? Will we invent our way out of this? Alice Major answers:

    Immured in cities, we forget we live on a planet that is more inventive than ourselves.

  4. I have reached the Monday Limit for thinking about "how irredeemably fucked", et al., and by way of reaction: Maggie's weekly links (#447) has, hands-down, the finest Godzilla filmclip compilation I have ever seen stitched together in that Blue Oyster Cult video (

    1. i enjoyed this video -

      i have always resonated with the final line of the boc song 'history shows again and again how nature points out the folly of men' - see dan zak's piece in the washpost, e.g.

      looking at the words given at metrolyrics, i find the following:

      Rinji news o moshiagemasu
      Rinji news o moshiagemasu
      Godzilla ga Ginza hoomen e mukatte imasu
      Daishkyu hinan shite kudasai
      Daishkyu hinan shite kudasai

      google translate provides

      Rinji ws I will give you
      Rinji ws I will give you
      Dj じ ゃ is pounding on ginseng
      Please give me your name
      Please give me your name

      my local library may have several godzilla dvds on the shelf - the catalog says it does have these dvds, but as alfred korzybski said, the map is not the territory

  5. Somebody somewhere (an elected official? on a cable news show?) recently referred to Trump and Co. as sociopaths, and I suspect all the bots want to know who's on that bandwagon.

  6. as i suspected - none of the godzilla dvds are actually there