Sunday, February 10, 2019

parties thereof and clause of claws

  • We hiked Browning Run Trail of Little Bennett yesterday since I posted about it Thursday 
  • yesterday morning at MOCO Trail's tweeter released the block on hiking natural trails in MOCO
  • I've improved my layering strategy because fuck coldfuck cold
  • short sleeve wick long sleeve wick short sleeve heavy cotton t-shirt polyester hoodie polyester vest
  • I don't want to live in Michigan
  • Worth mentioning again, the colors of this winter's woods
  • the absence of yellow weebles my wobbles 
  • learning gray's so many gradations worth it

  • The Rise of the Strongman, American style.
  • Elkin's Bad Man: a novel for our time, capitalism, it's first mate consumerism, it's enforcer the greedherders - Bad Man's Leo Feldman, Franchiser's Ben Flesh, Dick Gibson's Dick Gibson, Bailbondsman's Alexander Main, etc....
  • The unseemliness of animal competition, the celebration of, the exhortation to, the holyness its held
  • The unseemliness of winning, the unseemliness of breaking even, the unseemly glee at cheating the losers
  • The animal animal unseemliness of daily life for those of us who doesn't think oneself an animal
  • the animal unseemliness of daily life for those of us who do
  • I'm a third in, Elkin has mentioned but only cameoed Freedman and Victman and Dedman
  • I've only had passing words and my first most positive report card with death threat undertones from Warden Fisher
  • I wear Earthgirl hats until temp and/or windchills in twenties
  • for that and lower


Lorine Niedecker

Tell em to take my bare walls down
my cement abutments
their parties thereof
and clause of claws

Leave me the land
Scratch out: the land

May prose and property both die out
and leave me peace

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  1. Thankee; and take a look at Walton Ford's mammoth watercolors -- mostly as metaphor for Nature, red in tooth and claw, and for humans constantly saying hey man; at least I don't behave like an animal!