Tuesday, February 12, 2019


  • Yesterday was Tina Louise's birthday, famous to me and my generation of junior high boys for her being half of the crucial question: Ginger or Maryanne? plus
  • best TV's toggle from black and white to color
  • black and white "and the rest" color "the Professor and Maryanne"
  • I can't speak what's filler here, many of the posts I wonder fillerish to me I like best on rereading
  • You haven't noticed, but I've been posting fewer headlining birthdays of late
  • posting only those who still enter my consciousness on days other than their birthdays (though if 
  • someone who only enters my consciousness on birthday but I've a post in pot bubblefarting
  • I can enter it as a bullet in a drive-by shooting)

  • Above by davidly thanks!
  • Daily clusterfuck this clusterfuck that, filler
  • - feature, not bug, remember those Catholic high school kids from Cincinnati, me neither -
  • Filler: daily motherfuckingdemocratting
  • Today's motherfucking Democrats ritual shaming of and forced begging forgiveness from a Democratic Muslim congresswoman who dared claim the lobbying joint AIPAC, get this, buys power
  • mention, filler?
  • I purposely did not say a word to the technicians at the glass shop on Sunday when they replaced the shattered window to hear what they'd say unprompted about the hole
  • they said nothing


  1. So I should man up and admit that here, I'm not insulted by your use of your usual phrase. I mean, even at their most corrupt (wait--I'll say at maybe 75 percent of their most corrupt, mindful that there's billionaires putatively on my side too), professional Democrats are exponentially more beneficent and less plunderful than their opposites. And infinitely more interested in actually governing (I know that government is a problem for you, let's leave it aside for this one). But this being shocked by gambling in Casablanca nonsense is pure gaslighting.

  2. with regards to the congresswoman who insulted the lobby for the nation state for the chosen people - i have seen a discussion that it is not only the monetary power they exercise but particularly important in terms of influence is mobilization of voters not just their co-religionists but also and primarily right-wing evangelicals who have a particular perspective about how the second coming is being advanced toward as reflected by world events in that geographical region

    to me it seems crazy but to them it seems prophetic

    people will believe anything

    todd rundgren black and white live


  3. 1.) I rapidly polled The Last Of The Old Unit, all of whom remember that, in that long ago time and place, we spoke as men do about G & M. We made our preference known. And today, we have not changed. We say unashamedly and forever: It's Ginger.

    2.) It's been said that the worst Democrat, buh buh buh, more Ethical and Better, ba ba ba buh buh buh a Republican. However, the Clusterfuck as defined is the result of We, of Us. We are the problem. Bender was right (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qBlPa-9v_M).

    3.) Therefore, I'm going to start crowdfunding support for bringing more Polar Bears down here. Go Bears! will take on a whole different meaning before we get done with that, oh, ayuh.

    4.) They said nothing because it's probably not the first time they've replaced a windshield with That Kind of Hole -- which is scary in a collective, where does all this end up kinda way.

  4. Thank you for reposting the Anarchy of Deductibles.