Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Amassing Ninety-Nine Spirits

  • Blue lighthouse lighthousing blue
  • Orange for dates and tabletgazing, yellow for reread and meh, pink for read again when thumbing through
  • Original plan was to front to back with this color-scheme then back to front upside down with red ink and blue and green and purple highlighters, but I tried it - I couldn't help myself - in work lighthouse and nope
  • Fine metaphors abound - I think about next lighthouse only a quarter through current lighthouse
  • Leuchtturn 1917 > Moleskine
  • When Max was jealous of Agent 43 and 99 told him he was worth two 43s
  • My avatar's nemesis' wife is - get this - 86 today


Hannah Sanghee Park

The kiss is, strictly speaking, a passing
of of   twice: a bead from her mouth to his,
then back, ad nauseam, and the boys who lived
and died for it. The lovely girl amassing
ninety-nine spirits, and in high spirits
for consuming her highest amount. Once
the hundredth boy arrived she starts her hunt
in her haunt, a hill’s field filled with fitting
Artemisia absinthium.
And every day they kissed to swap the bead
and for a month he waned and wans
and when he learned the truth about her tongue,
he downed the bead: her true form a nine-tailed
fox who could have turned human, had he kissed on.