Sunday, March 24, 2019

...beside poetry he flops over us (poetry nak) w/my eye my little dam fuck...


  • I love you but I'm not typing that out
  • Two weeks ago I saw somewhere a sentence about a book of poetry called Latanoprost Variations, a recent collection by a British poet I'd never heard named Jeff Hilson
  • I am going blind, one of the medicines I'm prescribed to delay the blind is Latanoprost, eyedoc can vouch, between that and sentence recommending the book I impulse bought it
  • I own or have listened to every act in the poem but john butt
  • Friday night on twitter I discovered there's a new American Football album, I excitedly tweeted out not only two new songs

  • but two older songs to your complete and justified indifference, you could vouch if you'd even noticed
  • I even tweeted, pompous ass, American Football the love child of Uncle Tupelo and Sea and Cake, fatuous fuck
  • I then wrote in Blue Tablet: 

  • Latanoprost Variations arrived at he house yesterday around 4pm, Earthgirl and Planet - yay! Planet's home for a week - can vouch
  • Slays me
  • The first poem in Latanoprost Variations is The Incredible Canterbury Poem
  • Serendipity Saves Me Again


Jeff Hilson

… something beginning w/
(down bert) the cheaper
the sofa the (down bert)
her hands on a dish her
right hand a final so cold
in the frigidaire (33 is
but her stances thin
& pretty as a found bell
as a small click (easy chair)
& the yellow sidewalks
goofassing in the wee hours
constantly killed granite
a way-turned light marked
“lockers” file rapists rising
a cop coming “combination
sweaters” the latticini in c
(reaching de witt he turned
off the gas (down bert) is it
a nose or a hose what ship
are you on (landing those
hands & our bringing girls
of knotty pine (thats good
because you are a dull
mugger now in a slow arc
(seriously I really am
mugging again up to the
curb ing ting cinct wildly
now (if I was a badly
framed mugger thats all)
and then he said nylons
gone forever ping-cats what
cats ping-cats ever cracked
you must be bert she said...

… besides poetry he flops
over on us (poetry nak) w/
my eye my little dam fuck
protest ok rexroth many
many thanks I just left so
much for li’l’ ol’ bones
no one prints ’em
slacknesses fit that single
gross poster (also that I
am very attracted to the
maintains which is fucking
dull it says nothing about
isabelle et marie as gin
relations says ann to him
(you spot carbona that
allusion to stout wires in
piles just so so taken is ply
ie me ie poor e ie fuck ’em
through these poems (this
is just to say I rented it
off dec sliding south-east
(how the docks like bon
voyage like in little dam
boats to london makes the
gig hideous just sliding into
such strips as flatness
bareness dam married chair
kicking is the bug (fuck that
phrase honest content
o to o to be o to be old
mans organs in aluminum
lakes of d & c …


  1. 1)edward luce of the financial times pointed to the silver lining of this weekend's news

    At least Mike Pence won't be president.

    2)i regard this as an evaluation of probabilities - there are circumstances under which pence could become president, but most likely it won't happen soon and as a consequence of the mueller investigation

    3)"You never know when something surprising might happen." ---attributed to Yogi Berra

    4)there is such a thing as destiny - but continue with your own plans, and if they are in accordance with destiny you may reap a rich reward

    5)taibbi - linked to above - 'this generation's wmd' - is particularly worth reading, in my opinion

    6)of the list of musical acts given by hilson i estimate i may have heard twenty percent

    7)just about all of the people with whom i listened to the MC5 are dead now - car accidents early adulthood, cancer middle and late adulthood, some heart disease in there too

    1. Yeah, I have a sentence in tablet about Pence, how best case scenario in Mueller probe was Pence and his reelection in both 2020 and 2024....

      I swear, Republicans are pigs, Democrats the enemy

    2. worth reading about gaining a sense of perspective on the 'no collusion' conclusion