Friday, March 22, 2019

Why Is It So Surprising That the Little Man in the White Coat Who Drives the Small Motorized Cart Across the Manicured Putting Green That Grows Like Crushed Money Between the Bungalows of the Biltmore Doesn't Appear to Enjoy the Acquaintance of the Thin Old Man in the Italian Sweater Who Emerges From One of the Bungalows Tugged Along by a Tiny Expensive Dog?

  • Four new Armantrout poems
  • Armantrout hasn't make the deserted island or even the inner circle of almosts but it's almost love
  • They don't work - these four new ones - I think they suck, actually, unless it's self-parody, I blame me
  • I am telling you three times, Life in the Self-Parody Is Dead Ocene
  • I am telling you three times our flee-or-fight hunter-gatherer jones, deliberately stimulated daily (two long-time digital buds have up and disappeared, lucky fucks), stimulation designed to make me hate more, I'm small, it's universal, most everything tainted as favorite dishes left too long in sun
  • but not everything:


Tom Clark

Why is it so surprising that
the little man in the white coat
who drives the small motorized cart
across the manicured putting green
that grows like crushed money
between the bungalows of the Biltmore
doesn't appear to enjoy the acquaintance
of the thin old man in the Italian sweater
who emerges from one of the bungalows
tugged along by a tiny expensive dog?

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  1. As I don't get out much and have a limited understanding of things: Didn't know in a larger sense who Tom Clark was until he passed away. His blog, accessed through yours, was how I found him. Always looked forward to links he provided -- and the photographs! Amazing strings of images. And the poetry. But I had no idea what other he had done, accomplished, or been.

    BTW, the 'traditional' wing of the Democratic party (i.e., the Clintonia or Obamaville Party) isn't fighting with Progressives over ideals or purpose -- they want to control the Brand, in order to sell SheepChow™ to the faithful masses and make the world safe for Betotocracy, or Joe Bison.