Thursday, March 7, 2019

Better Than Alone

  • Hey, more new Lambchop
  • Mr Alarum has a new thing up, I'm the P, I ghost-read the discussion like deja vu - or opening a novel you never read and reading two paragraphs just past the middle so when you come upon them again in sequential order a few wonderful disorienting seconds - 
  • but they told me P is me so much better, I remember, fun too
  • I first listened to the new Lambchop song from a Kurt Wagner tweet yesterday
  • the video as I can imagine reminded me of this blog's Theme Song Two
  • (on James Tate's last book of poems, already pre-ordered)
  • I tweeted back at Kurt the video reminds me of Pere Ubu's
  • meant as a high compliment, he hasn't liked yet
  • fine fucking metaphors about me abound


  1. 'milking whatever from dying animals' = fine metaphor

    1. Pathos. He was one of the Three Elonmusketeers, along with Athole and Harold A Ramis.

      I'm pretty sure about that.