Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Cravens Cry Them Down

  • The Omar War
  • I only thought I hated Democrats before today
  • HRC announced she won't run in 2020 by which she means fuck the primaries, brokered convention here I come, interesting timing, it's generating zero noise
  • The shit also said she will be "involved" in determining the nominee, it's so gonna be her, they will never ever fuck off to the sea, so valuable to the elite are the fucking Clintons.
  • Initially I'd pasted a fat excerpt from first article above, removed, schumer me, read the article
  • Jake's too
  • Daily I think my thinking I only thought I hated Democrats before yesterday silly
  • Gaslight much?
  • Read the Schumer quote, substitute Bible for Torah, falwell junior much?
  • !IHMD! finally, the new label
  • Democrats continue campaign to reelect Trump!
  • I know this is duh, I still love my apostasies too much, I was raised on the creed of New Deal and Great Society, i....
  • Democracy without God.
  • Omar knew exactly what would happen when she said what she said 
  • kayfabe's not dead but in one direction
  • call fake broken kayfabe kayfabe



Theodore Roethke

Repulse the staring eye,
The hostile gaze of hate,
And check the pedantry
Of the inveterate

Defamers of the good.
The mock the deepest thought,
Condemn the fortitude
Whereby true work is wrought.

Though just men are reviled
When cravens cry them down,
The brave keep undefiled
A wisdom of their own.

The bold wear toughened skin
That keeps sufficient store
Of dignity within,
And quiet at the core.


  1. A.) We must have a healing Multi- Daddy or Mommy who will make us feel better about ourselves while the WTO decides how to 'apportion use of human resources and funding' to achieve a balanced, appropriate world -- for all but approximately 2,300 people and their families. Those people get whatever the fuck their tiny hearts desire, 24X7.

    But the rest will have so much exclusive access to Stuff! So many fun Toys! Unless, you know, you make Someone unhappy and suddenly you can't Go Places or buy any water. But just stay positive and work as part of Your Team to build the great future -- and you're all good! Yay!

    B.) Or, we must have a Monster Brutal Whiteman Daddy who makes us fear and love Him or else, and allows us to hate An Other so we can feel Strong. Sometimes, we bomb them. We also sing songs in praise of GodNation. We will know our purpose and our place (kinda like with Healing Multi Daddy or Mommy!), and sing the simple songs with simple thoughts or Get In Trouble With The Man. The Nation will be all good. Everyone else, fear us. Yay!

    C.) I am disgusted / repulsed by / appalled at / will never stop puking, because these two descriptions, for most of humanity, appear to be the only collective futures which are realistic or probable.

  2. q. how's humankind's sociopolitical economic environmental situation?
    a. compared to what?


    2) what's the forecast?


    3)he picked the strawberry - how sweet it tasted - punch line of a famous zen story

    4)when i got the used copy i ordered of 'emptiness -a practical guide for meditators' by
    guy armstrong, i was disappointed that it had more stuff in it than i wanted - there was more underlining and writing in it than i thought would be there given the alleged condition it was said to be in