Wednesday, March 20, 2019

I Don't Have Any Sentiments Would Somebodything Thirst My Quench

Complete Ferengi Rules of Acquisition.
The Post published a Beto hit-piece by Ferengi Thiessen
I know about Beto what I read on twitter
- bots tell me I think Beto's job is to dilute Sanders in generations younger than mine
will be rewarded as Clinton's running-mate -
which makes me wonder why Thiessen would be commissioned to write this now
since Villager wisdom says Sanders can't possibly win, socialist socialist socialist
that's right Villagers want Clinton-Trump the Round Two
their corpses Round Three 2024!
Trump, the next Grover Cleveland
pursuit of normalcy.
Fine metaphor abounding.
The fall of ACORN, or motherfucking Democrats.
Other people's blood.
On the shoulders of settler-colonists.
I can't read like once Reason One my eyes, yes
reason two I can't stop looking and I don't even watch screens but this one
us fuckers
best novel I've read (I can't even say since the last
until the next any
more)  and - get this - I'm *in* it, and though I can't change the novel's ending I can chart my character's plot (if not my character's character necessary to change my character's plot)
The Story of Lambchop in seven albums.


Alice Notley

I don’t have any sentiments
would somebodything thirst my quench
how about
about my mediocrity of character? I dance
with the dead divinely
                                 in my dreams
I’m stricken deaf when I mention it my babies
cry they want everything quick! here. un-
                  as character should be
      like the purpurine it needs must be carved in,

Have you heard of the roguess elephant with the
brilliant diamond eyes? She is the puppet
of the dictionary
                           where is her beautiful orange
            puppy foot!   
                                 When your father dies
he doesn’t let you swoon   
                                       into aventurine or spray
of lily (pearls) of the valley
you do not bifurcate
                               you may
                   play yourself to your camp heroine
self—play it Lady play
       but delete no matter
       thank you for breakfast
       today we will visit with the ear syringe
       be the current density   
                                           honey flower
                                           ice egg
I love you as a fan loves air. oops it’s I
                vice-versa I
                                  told you about that
                           She is a bezel
                           awaiting the plop of a
                           ruby she must grow

and I can’t end and I can’t lie
               He held him in his own heart then
               may I in my eye now me


  1. i don't think beto would be veep for zombie hrc

    if zombie hrc is the nominee i think you would want a poc to balance the ticket

    cory provides balance in 2 ways except the ticket would be very east coast - kamala gives you geographic and poc balance but both are double x'rs - i conclude that in this hypothetical scenario it's castro for veep

    so far this race i haven't donated yet - governor climatechange and mayor pete and congresswoman aloha are my personal favorites but i am deferring contribution/volunteering decision until later

    in my heart i am still a berniebro and i like warren's policy proposals generally speaking but each seems to me to be too weak a candidate

    this is the future - you got to live it or live with it and at a time to be determined the third option will kick in

  2. Suspicion grew when I learned that Clintons Heart Mr O'Rourke. He skateboards and blogs and has Road Trip and does Young Stuff -- but I have no idea what his position is on the redistribution of power (wealth) in America, or what our role should be viz. creation of actual Democracy in, say, Palestine. I don't know that he has views. He may just play Twittergames well, which is not the same as Actual Governance.

    If his views align with those of the WTO, or those who dwell in New Clintonia or Obamaburg, then I cannot Go Beto.

    In the words of Chelzee Handstupfel, as spoken by Dellen Alerchowitz: "We should expect all elected officials, regardless of party, and all public figures, to not delay in using restroom facilities available to the general public, and ensuring they wash their hand before returning to work."