Thursday, March 28, 2019

inked with the skulls of everyone you've ever loved

  • Bigger than dime, quarter-sized, I'm told the blue will noxzema bottle bluer as it heals
  • Hurt exactly like I thought it would, that is the pain - not bad, not fun - felt like I thought this pain would feel, and is over the second the needle stops
  • We both think there will be more in our futures
  • I'm thinking of getting BLCKDGRD in an arc across my shoulders like the last name on a baseball uniform, I said
  • the one who didn't get a tattoo groaned no
  • the one who got a tattoo too knew I kid
  • both of the letters not me in above can vouch
  • Please note the Fleabus hair already on skin
  • Robert Ashley, MSADI5G, born 89 years ago today


Nick Laird

You do know, right,
that between the no-

longer & the still-

you are being continually
tattooed, inked

with the skulls of

you’ve ever loved—the you
& the you

& the you & the you—you don’t
sit in a chair, thumb

through a binder, pick a
design, it simply

happens each time you
bring your fingers to your face

to inhale him back into you . . .
tiny skulls, some of us are

covered. You, love, could

simply tattoo an open
door, light

pouring in from somewhere
outside, you

could make your body a door
so it appears you

(let her fill you) are made
of light.