Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Repeat This Is Not a Circular

  • Getting that tattooed on my left inner forearm this afternoon
  • some of you get why and who else tattoo too
  • one of two, the one not L
  • Dime-sized, noxzema-bottle blue 
  • I'll ask Adam the Tattooist if he thinks maroon be good complement and maybe schoolbus yellow too
  • That's the drawing I made the other one tattooing gave to Adam
  • I will orient it at me and upside-down for you, is better for you
  • Tattooey friends at work gave me tattooey healing tips
  • I've a high pain tolerance and was told it's more like prickly sunburn than stiletto stabs
  • I thought, if I wanted another tattoo, stamp what?
  • Ten years ago I almost - this is true, Earthgirl's forgot - United's crest, no
  • I never imagined that apostasy ten years ago
  • I'd have that crest on my left calf today

  • No, I will not get a I.H.M.D. tattoo, Manson-style
  • though I don't fear an apostasy
  • Please read Mr Alarum's latest
  • The end of the end of history: The Democratic resistance is incapable of challenging Trump's presidency on any grounds that would directly implicate the neoliberal apparatus of which they, to, are a part.
  • "Democratic resistance"
  • Lambert's chockful of Mueller and aftermath, lots of links and sources
  • Hyattsville 1940
  • Kurt Wagner interview 
  • My skill is I remember every song I've ever heard
  • sometimes it takes time to access the medata
  • but done, XTC has a fabulous logo, close, but no,
  • though I don't fear an apostasy


Jeff Hilson

Repeat this is not a circular.
O, no, it is my love
getting in through the breaches
to fight with the pedunculate oak.
She made me write this.
She lives in this tender embassy I have seen.
What a mansion,
they lie around it not corresponding
she & the little verderer.
But he loves only the
fragmented red & white
pine dominated
forests of the tyne & wear & says,
says, it’s not easy to fence in here.


  1. Little Liza Jane?

  2. speaking of tattoos reminds me of bumper stickers on cars

    for example there is 'coexist' with all the letters being symbols of some religion or other - the people up the block have that one

    during the last century in the place i lived there was a fad for 'thank god i'm [ethnicity stated]'

    i thought it might be neat to have 'thank god i'm a mammal'