Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Sticks a Coffeecup Out Under a fIREHOSE

The room we Zoom job interviews is only three feet longer than these two effing screens

  • First day vacation back
  • our life in only meaningful if we go someplace else
  • confirmation again they could live without me but not enough to train replacement
  • I could live without them but not with paid vacations
  • Felons voting, *that'*s Sanders' Cold Harbor?
  • Obama's original sin.
  • I was curious what shitflinging Warren would get with traction but along comes Jennifer Rubin (go find at YFWP is you care) making a case for Warren *before* Warren has traction
  • No, I won't off Warren for Jennifer Rubin's endorsement, but as of today I'd walk the hundred yards from my stoop to my polling station and vote for Warren over Hogan, she might win Maryland!
  • Someone tweeted about Firehouse subs which means you get fIREHOSE

  • fIREHOSE, never famous, still a big enough deal in *my* little world once
  • best I can tell after thirty seconds of research I last played fIREHOSE at this shitty blog in 2016
  • the fuck is wrong with me
  • A calm rational take on Mueller thingee
  • Earthgirl's apostasies bidenning (as in *She.* Hates. Motherfucking. Democrats), I'm staying out of the way and uh-huhhing

  • Holyfuck
  • I own no digital fIREHOSE, I can't find the CDs I swear I owned, the fuck with me
  • I made one change to blog rather than rearrange everything even if that urge onlyworm turned
  • by many months maybe years (my free blogging platform changes everything when I change anything
  • I can't see my past mine fetaphors abounding) this
  • This, I am at worst the world's second least self-assured empty reed
  •  I won't do the research on last time I posted a Bill Knott poem because fuck me


Bill Knott

The CIA and the KGB exchange Christmas cards
A blade snaps in two during an autopsy
The bouquet Bluebeard gave his first date reblooms
Many protest the public stoning of a guitar pick
Railroad trains drop off the bourgeois’ pointy head
A martyr sticks a coffeecup out under a firehose
Moviestars make hyenas lick their spaceship
God’s hand descends into a glove held steady by the police
At their reunion The New Faces recognize each other
A spoiled child sleeps inside a thermometer
A single misprint in a survival manual kills everyone
The peace night makes according to the world comes

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  1. 0)a time when you previously posted knott's poem it reminded me of the scorpions' song 'wind of change' - i commented at

    and later i suggested that scorpions' song as the whistled tune alluded to in tate's 'shroud of the gnome' - see my comments at

    1)with regard to obama's original sin - yeah, i thought so too - but it was a mistake only if he had wanted to keep his campaign promises - if we assume that the result his actions led to was what he really intended all along, then it was not a flaw, it was a feature

    2)with regard to the 'calm rational take' - i don't recall seeing the niskanen center cited before - as jesus allegedly said, those not against us are with us

    3)missus charley is away, and yesterday i saw two movies with anna kendrick - one was a zombie comedy - i wonder why zombies are such a big deal in pop culture these days - the appeal of superheroes i understand, i think, but zombies i just don't get

    4)more mary karr poetry, please