Tuesday, April 16, 2019

What Will Survive Us Has Already Begun

Today - soon - I walk from my house on Saul to Franklin to Beach to across Rockville Pike to Grosvenor to Old Georgetown to (Flipping Pizza for as decent a slice as Moco can) to Democracy (for cheap irony) to Fernwood to Westlake Terrace behind Montgomery Mall to Motor City Drive to pick up the rental car Earthgirl and me drive to Michigan tomorrow to visit Planet and Air through Sunday, there may be posts from the breakfast lounge of the Comfort Inn per Egoslavian tradition on trips to visit Planet. Today is also Ian Mackaye's 57th birthday.


Stephanie Burt

What will survive us
has already begun
Oak galls
Two termites’ curious
self-perpetuating bodies
Letting the light through the gaps
They lay out their allegiances
under the roots
of an overturned tree
Almost always better
to build than to wreck
You can build in a wreck
Under the roots
of an overturned tree
Consider the martin that hefts
herself over traffic cones
Consider her shadow
over parking-lot cement
Saran Wrap scrap in her beak
Nothing lasts
forever not even
the future we want
The President has never
owned the rain

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  1. re confronting neerapodestas - early yesterday evening cnn was holding an episode of bernie bashing - the hostess had a clintonista and a trumpista sitting at the table with her, and they all found common ground denigrating senator sanders

    i'm beginning to feel the urge to give bernie money again

    re poetry, politics, internet - i hadn't thought about flarf for quite a while - is this the last time? nonetheless, the top photo at that link has a good-looking cat