Friday, May 31, 2019

I'm So Fucked Self-Indulgent to Think You'd Like This Song

▲'s  most posted video on this blog by a factor of X. ▲'s the Egoslavian Bleggalgazing Anthem, has been since Day One, people can vouch, today High Egoslavian Bleggalgazing Day. Chris Elliott is 59 today.

  • 2018: I submitted the poem below to Boston Review's Annual Poetry Contest (2019: link removed) on High Egoslavian Bleggalgazing Day Eve, paid $20 to submit. I recognize BR's scam and am fine with it, I read their stuff but don't subscribe, please have $20.
  • 2019: I never expected a rejection email and never got one
  • 2019: I poured seltzer into bottle cap and dipped my right index finger in it and washed ink for the first time in months this past week
  • Always: Thanks for reading this. If you are Kinding me and me not you, please let me know, and please let me know if there's someone you think I should be reading
  • 2019: Wane for first time here, the days off help wane, the days off help posts, I hope
  • 2019: As of today's High Egoslavian Holy Day I declare I don't have one motherfucking democrats fuck about the clusterfuck
  • is weird I've never
  • (I saw tweet New Redd Cross *I* tweeted this motherfucking excellent song against Game Four of the 2015 NBA Eastern Conference Finals and...) 
  • it'll fucking come back
  • mind, the stupidest what I can't talk about where I can't say siphons my fuck - if I do finish the novel I jinx with this sentence I may type here whats just tablet now about siphoning fucks, *all* the positions - but stabbing myself daily with duhforks, the fuck is wrong with me
  • so take the threat of ink washes seriously  
  • The two other Egoslavian Bleggalgazing Anthems ▼ Reminder: The Archers of Loaf is this shitty blog's official Theme Song. 
  • I'm so fucked self-indulgent to think you'll like this song.

UPDATE: June 2 2019, this now:


  1. i don't come here for the music, generally, though i am a fan of kate bush

    more often i come for the poetry - most thrillingly james tate, although goldbarth and i actually had an exchange of letters

    the variegated blogroll is a major attraction – with respect to both cultural and current affairs

    here’s a surprise from the most recent language log – a stanza from charles bernstein’s translation of Fernando Pessoa's 1931 poem Autopsicografia

    And so the wheels go whack
    Ensnaring our logical part
    In the train wreck
    Called the human heart

    with regards to the difficulties of good governance, to variable extents for and of and by the people, here's an interesting email i recently received from a long-term acquaintance - my two-years younger brother - in response to me sending him the latest op-ed about america's wars by col. prof. bereaved father bacevich

    my correspondent is a former military officer (very briefly - he graduated ROTC at a time when there was an oversupply of second lieutenants, so they put him in the reserves after a year or less on active duty - he was not deployed to the combat zone, so never had the opportunity to kill or be killed by southeast asians, the main people of color at the receiving end of america's military power at that particular time)

    like me, he attended methodist sunday school as a child in falls church, va while our career army father worked at the pentagon in the 1950s

    like me, as an adult he became active in the faith community of his significantly younger latina wife

    unlike me, for him that was a fundamentalist evangelical congregation, where sending his younger daughter to jerry falwell's liberty university was seen as not only unobjectionable, but commendable

    given the differences in our adult experiences and the media universes we and our daily associates inhabit, it was a bit surprising to receive his comments on the bacevich piece

    Thanks for sending on the article by Andrew Bacevich; it is very interesting and thought provoking. What are we to do? These endless wars are all tied to the military/industrial complex and the fact that just about everyone in Congress is in the pocket of lobbyists and are career politicians. It is, in my opinion, shameful that we use our military to perpetuate these conflicts in the name of "freedom". Also, I think it is tied to not having a draft, having only the all volunteer force so the average citizen does not have skin in the game. Unfortunately, I see no end in sight whether Republican or Democrat administrations are in charge. Imagine if the money wasted in Afghanistan, Syria, etc. etc. were put to health care, education, and infrastructure? It is all about the money baby.

    in my response there will be some gentle pushback on ‘career politicians’ as a term of condemnation – it’s an occupational choice that may or may not have deplorable consequences, depending on what one does while seeking or holding office – our late father, colonel charley, during his lifetime received most of his paychecks from the taxpayers

    and also expressed will be my view is that it is not ALL about the money – it’s about the search for self-efficacy which can become a thirst for power, and the search for safety which becomes fear and hate – and in general the ignorance and delusion which seem to be the default settings for human beings – sometimes it’s hard to be a human [or any kind of potentially sentient creature]

  2. how's x?
    compared to what?


    By Fernando Pessoa

    There are at least 16 English translations of the poem "Autopsicografia" by the late Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa (1888 - 1935). In fact, one translator, George Monteiro, has perpetrated two distinct versions.

    This web site allows one to view any three of these translations, or the original, simultaneously. Simply select a translator (or Pessoa) from the index. Click here for more information on Pessoa, "Autopsicografia," and this site.

    To return to the index at any point, simply click on the diamond.

    1. This end-link is from Kate Bush's live tour in 1979, this time in Manchester, which features a bunch that the Tour of Life video from London does not, namely, songs from the piano. It is something I appreciate much because of a relative lack of such, for in that day she made due during most public appearances with miming on Top of the Pops and its equivalents, which, given her obsession with the accompanying choreography and movement, was fine, but still. At least the Tour of Life featured live singing on every song, and with this bootleg — which I won't be purchasing even it it would get me a dvd without the annoying lettering of the bootlegger — one witnesses I think what must have been a camera rehearsal of sorts, knowing they'd be giving it a more polished run later on the tour. I can certainly see why she never released any of the extra existing footage.

      Money mediates an awful lot. It's hard to prove the cause & effect, and human tendencies regarding the rest, given the influence of currency coopting so much of our values system.

  3. Another year goes by: Gotta love those Kitties.

  4. Days of Wane and Poesy. You're welcome.

    Also Sparks: fascist chic before it was cool.

  5. re struggle for power -

  6. Whoa Whoa Whoa -- what about the "Triumph of a Heart" segment?