Thursday, May 30, 2019

Sandwiches of Hair

Tomorrow is the third (or fourth, maybe fifth) holiest day in Egoslavia (*is* my favorite post of the year *is* my favorite post of the year), I was gonna let the hiking post ride top until tomorrow because cousin to tomorrow's post. I wrote in tablet at lunch yesterday, how strange, no post urge, clusterfuck bored, reading a novel I might actually finish, must be this strange grieflessness at work, no gnawnahgnaw for what, a week?... two hours later all I want to do is hike with Earthgirl, true two hours earlier, truier two hours later.....

  • I know Earthgirl shoots me on hikes for human figure for potential paintings and don't pose but do wear red shirt and red daypack deliberately at Earthgirl's request because complementary colors re: green (above, high meadow, Sky Meadows, Sunday past)
  • I got Doctor Sevrin ears
  • I wear the hat backwards so (a) I don't burn my dome and (b) in humidity hat bill steams my glasses though (c) good look
  • That osprey. 
  • All I want to do is hike with Earthgirl. 
  • When I, and Talking Heads, were young.


Tom Clark

In the motel
room mirror

a yellow
light pulses

on polyester lips
pressed to sandwiches of hair


  1. Is it me, or have you lost some weight? Great pic, btw. Compliments to EG.
    Also, bill is important for keeping sun out of eyes when necessary but also works to keep it off neck back.

    1. I haven't lost weight but I have lost fat and gained muscle. Walking about 50 miles per week and denying myself salty empty calories.