Friday, May 10, 2019

Deadliest Bomb to Save Me Yet

  • Even if true, and it surely is, I asked a Bidenite Colleague yesterday who insists Democrats have no choice but to take Assholocrat money, do you understand your distinction is decorum not policy and your blackmail bogus?
  • No, she didn't
  • On Hobsbawn (and his new biography) and why Hobsbawn mostly got it right (especially after he knew he got it wrong)
  • *I* am aware and re-declare here my anger at my own lame tribal-addicted ass
  • Extinction Rebellion
  • Programmed for faith genetically and conditioned for faith from birth I like faith
  • I tattooed faith on my arm this past March
  • A different application of less-shittyism
  • Nothing gives Democrats' game away more than their fake belief they can convert crackers into Democratic voters
  • The Chicken Shit Club Accepts Another Member
  • Kathy Acker, for those of you who do and those of you like me who should
  • My new love:

1 comment:

  1. Whatever, don't say *anything*, push back
    elsewhere, my true purpose for motherfucking Democrats, PINK THIS:
    This is true, I need send it somewhere,
    the anxiety of the balancing act, if this helps me
    survive where I can't be angry doesn't digital
    zoloft better than chemical zoloft
    Another option is leave un-highlightable
    unhighligthed and rotate through different
    highlighter colors to see what ink highlight
    I will swear lifelong pledge of - and here
    I need remind myselfa trick of these tablets
    is to only revise parts I digitize - trade
    mark colors forever and five minutes
    I just wrote a sentence in beige doodle tablet
    can I post that in this tablet, took to this
    tablet to ask, but yes
    Faith. I'm addicted too, tattooed it on my arm
    Deadliest bomb to save me yet