Sunday, May 12, 2019

no sense to note not one no none

  • Font for poem at bottom deliberate, font used by poet in excellent sonnet anthology I'm eating where I found the poem, read that out loud please and thanks
  • I did not play the name six lie about one game, but my lie would have been Queen, I never did see live, but below, my favorite Queen song (off an album I otherwise didn't like much) 
  • Culled the blogrolls, moribund to cemeteries, no one deleted
  • as always if you are Kinding me but me not you let me know
  • kind with a K absent me lately
  • I thought this was funny but nobody responded, fine metaphors abound plus 
  • I got Doctor Sevrin ears:

so'net 3

Paul Dutton

onset tense no tone to set
no sense to note not one no none
so one soon tosses on to net
tenses notes tones one soon sees one
to ten tenses soon one's not too tense
one's not sent to see eon's nest 
on stone tenets set to sonnet's sense
one sense sonnets not sent to test
sees no noose set no nonsense no
set one-ness one senses entente not
tense tones no sonnte's set to tone so
tense not testes on notes to one's tot
     noon noses onto sette son's set on
     one not seen to toss stone sonnet net on

1 comment:

  1. You got a good set of ears. Lobe size denotes strong constitution. Can't speak to your spirituality, but the Buddhas have big ear lobes . . .