Tuesday, May 14, 2019

too old for vision I must settle for dreams

  • People who think Lynn Cheney writes her tweets and reads the replies and think: my tweet is the one that will shame Lynn Cheney into giving up everything she lives for
  • In great news for me but horrid news for you I fired beige quad lighthouse for orange dot lighthouse (now known as orange dotablet) meaning
  • yellow dot not dead yet though my hand needs reviving
  • A love letter - Serendipity be blessed, I type the first bullet last night and SHAZAM! this morning in Your Fucking Washington Post - a Love Letter to Liz Cheney
  • Said love letter probably went to bed before Cheney yesterday deliberately and with bad faith accused Tlaib of anti-Semitism, not that the Post would accuse its love of bad faith
  • Bang, but not true, the racists weren't misreading
  • New Order's *Low Life* released 35 years ago yesterday (and wait until the birthday run coming, May the birthdayiest month in Egoslavia!)


Keith Waldrop

too old for
vision I must
settle for dreams
specific forms
of cloud
(body surrounded by
every sensation con-
ceals a dream
sculpture in
low relief
(a motor halo a
mental blue)
cleft in the
logical space
(wilderness or
we have lived
on a ladder to
the window of a
room to which
the key is lost
(words lost

in the music)

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  1. I almost used New Order as my lie in the six concerts game, but you'd have called it in a heartbeat.

    *I* liked the sillyass allusion quite a lot, but Twitter didn't show it to me until this morning. It seems to think I should follow you. What a good chuckle that is, hey?