Friday, June 21, 2019

Kitties Came and Went All Night Long

  • Don't remember what I imagined 2019 to be in any nine of my six decades this August
  • This post is re: you couldn't pay me to watch a full episode of Get Smart
  • I can't imagine 2029

  • Bernie Kopell ▲ , creator of Siegfried, my digital avatar forever and from Day One, born 87 years ago today, born within a month of my dad.
  • Standard disclaimer for standard Bernie Kopell birthday post: 1965, I'm six, TV toggled from B/W to color: the good created, the damage done.
  • An outline of 21st C American History
  • Motherfucking neerapodesta on motherfucking Democrats: ...a growing schism in the party between its two poles of influence in the age of social media: the younger, urban, and more left-leaning people who carry out a daily and often pestiferous political dialogue on Twitter, and the older and more traditionally liberal-to-moderate people who make up the actual backbone of the party across America. If there is a division within the party that will bring it to ruin in 2020, this is it.
  • Actual backbone
  • We're fucked, now what?
  • Trump is to the Republican soul as Biden is to the Democratic, I said yesterday to a Bidenite colleague, too easy....
  • The art of problematic actors
  • I can't imagine watching anything on TV now
  • Do drones dream of electric wars?
  • I actually like my avatar - is me, not an actor from a 1960's laugh-tracked comedy - at the other place but must negotiate with myself to no avail to make me me here, fine metaphors abound


Tom Clark

Kitties came and went all night long
                                              2:30 - 5:30 A.M.

as in a curious furry nightmare
moth fluttering around the room in the dark
way too late
                    for the radiant world...               or is it?

That's the sphere of the lux and
                                            the lumen, spurned

at your own risk -
the dark and the strange, or luminous
                                          and unlucky


  1. I can't imagine 2029

    at my late father's memorial service at the military retirement home where he spent his last years, we sang the hymns he specified - these were hymns popular in the methodist church he attended during the 1030s, and were generally rather unfamiliar to the people present, either family or fellow residents - one began

    I know not what the future hath of marvel or surprise


    John Greenleaf Whittier (December 17, 1807 – September 7, 1892) was an American Quaker poet and advocate of the abolition of slavery in the United States. Frequently listed as one of the Fireside Poets, he was influenced by the Scottish poet Robert Burns. Whittier is remembered particularly for his anti-slavery writings as well as his book Snow-Bound ...[which] takes place in what is today known as the John Greenleaf Whittier Homestead, which still stands in Haverhill, Massachusetts. The poem chronicles a rural New England family as a snowstorm rages outside for three days. Stuck their home for a week, the family members exchange stories by their roaring fire.

    Whittier began the poem originally as a personal gift to his niece Elizabeth as a method of remembering the family. Nevertheless, he told publisher James Thomas Fields about it, referring to it as "a homely picture of old New England homes".... Snow-Bound was first published as a book-length poem on February 17, 1866....

    The first important critical response to Snow-Bound came from James Russell Lowell. Published in the North American Review, the review emphasized the poem as a record of a vanishing era. "It describes scenes and manners which the rapid changes of our national habits will soon have made as remote from us as if they were foreign or ancient," he wrote. "Already are the railroads displacing the companionable cheer of crackling walnut with the dogged self-complacency and sullen virtue of anthracite."

    The poem was second in popularity only to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's The Song of Hiawatha and was published well into the twentieth century. Though it remains in many common anthologies today, it is not as widely read as it once was.

    [above quoted from Wikipedia]

  2. speaking of the sphere of lux and lumen, as clark does - coincidentally whittier chose as the epigraph to Snow-bound

    “As the Spirits of Darkness be stronger in the dark, so Good Spirits which be Angels of Light are augmented not only by the Divine light of the Sun, but also by our common Wood Fire: and as the Celestial Fire drives away dark spirits, so also this our Fire of Wood doth the same.”

    Cor. Agrippa, Occult Philosophy, Book I. chap. v.

  3. speaking of biden -

    "Joe Biden cannot win against Trump simply because Trump, unlike him, is America with its mask of civility removed. And the liberation experienced by the removal of the mask is more attractive than the prospect of it having to put it back on again.

    The choice the American people need in 2020 is not a window or an aisle seat on a flight to the same destination. What they need is a different flight to a whole new destination.

    That destination is social and economic justice at home and multipolarity abroad."