Thursday, June 20, 2019

Do You Have Adequate Oxen For the Job?

  • Shittier noises augur clusterfuck upticking
  • not me as much as once, my hate stale
  • apostasies motherfucking burps now
  • though I did think I'd enjoy this more
  • The two party system on "concentration camps":
  • Crackerstanis: it's a Holiday Inn Express and more than drug gang members deserve you anti-Semitic commie-jew bitch
  • Neerapodestas: of course they're "concentration camps," attention slut bitch, why didn't you say "internment facility" like the boss' email ordered
  • Death of a Political Junkie: I'm not the only one who thought there would be more chuckles
  • I got Milkman, I'm 30 pages in and more than hopeful but I'm always more than hopeful in any novel up to page 31
  • SeatSix (Happy Birthday yesterday) send him happies, Beloveds
  • What now is
  • Let me loan you after SeatSix (Happy Birthday yesterday) reads it Black Leopard Red Wolf (or just give you, if I do reread it I'll read the paperback, backpackwise), it does the you? me? us? clusterfuck better than anyone I've yet read
  • I am telling you three times we are being adequately-enough tuned
  • Nick Drake born 71 years ago yesterday


James Tate

Do you have adequate oxen for the job?
No, my oxen are inadequate.
Well, how many oxen would it take to do an adequate job?
I would need ten more oxen to do the job adequately.
I'll see if I can get them for you.
I'd be obliged if you could do that for me.
Certainly. And do you have sufficient fishcakes for the men?
We have fifty fishcakes, which is less than sufficient.
I'll have them delivered on the morrow.
Do you need maps of the mountains and the underworld?
We have maps of the mountains but we lack maps of the underworld.
Of course you lack maps of the underworld,
there are no maps of the underworld.
And, besides, you don't want to go there, it's stuffy.
I had no intention of going there, or anywhere for that matter.
It's just that you asked me if I needed maps. . . .
Yes, yes, it's my fault, I got carried away.
What do you need, then, you tell me?
We need seeds, we need plows, we need scythes, chickens,
pigs, cows, buckets and women.
We have no women.
You're a sorry lot, then.
We are a sorry lot, sir.
Well, I can't get you women.
I assumed as much, sir.
What are you going to do without women, then?
We will suffer, sir. And then we'll die out one by one.
Can any of you sing?
Yes, sir, we have many fine singers among us.
Order them to begin singing immediately.
Either women will find you this way or you will die
comforted. Meanwhile busy yourselves
with the meaningful tasks you have set for yourselves.
Sir, we will not rest until the babes arrive.