Saturday, June 8, 2019

your continued lightlessness as an excuse to go on

  • Hate came back to me, dog I knew it would.
  • Something we'd paid for, something we needed, didn't happen as service promised and I needed asshole the service's phone representative after pleading didn't work
  • I try not to be an asshole, I hope people can vouch, but when need be I can be, it worked
  • Before I needed be asshole to service's phone representative I had spontaneously, without weighing, reflexively tweeted a Fuck You to a just seen Obama tweet in which the sanctimonious fuck bemoaned gun violence, the fucking war criminal
  • (I hadn't been deliberately *not* typing motherfuckers much the past week, I hadn't typed motherfuckers much the past week for reasons good and reasons I can't type here but mostly because I just, without weighing, didn't)
  • I wouldn't have tweeted Fuck You to Obama after I'd assholed the service's phone representative, muck fe,
  • that I still assholed the service's phone representative after tweeting Fuck You to Obama, fuck me and my algorithms
  • fine bingo free metaphors square abound


Alice Notley

It was a poem
men took because it said ovary
didn’t take my
political poems
they took the one that said ovary
Are you sure it was because it 
           said ovary?
Yes, for them that’s logical.
Destroy another
is war for? So
you’ll go down
each of you does. dies in
each of you who does, dies 
for the pain you experience
         Just that 
and nothing is established
Because I am a woman
Cutting as many cords 
as tie you to me. this isn’t
it isn’t anything you
           could name
You’re still here 
without ties?
because they were logical.
Dance little asshole dance
oh he gets elected, like a Calvinist 
He says, I have these guts 
Men, I have these guts.
---  ------------------------
Having dedicated whole 
regions to the destruction
          you inspire, the 
logic will be to go on doing it 
doing it. Having proceeded by
the logic
         of your per-
sonal vacuum 
you will perceive your continued
as an excuse to go on. having 
gone on 
as you have. And so one continues.
Lead the boy out of
          the building on fire
his head twisted 
all fucked
What else is there to
       know if 
one has gotten 
twisted up 
all fucked
he is a screaming fire
In the explanations 
of our lives’ experience
they’ve left out this wild moment
the long mirror on the right-hand wall of the
corridor suddenly shattered
I can’t see myself anymore.
I repeat that I am not frightened
          and why not 
I don’t know 
what my reactions 
are supposed to be.
        “Please tell me something 
with which I’m familiar.”
isn’t there another part of now

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